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Junk Yard Spotters Guide

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I don't know if this is the place for this thread so if it needs to be moved please do so. Thanks

Well it's that time of the season again and I just made my first trip of the year to the junk yard. I propose that we create a list of TD's that we have come across during our travels. Please post the state the junk yard is located.

Here's my list.

Taylor auto salvage.
Taylor Michigan

88 Lebaron Convertable T1
86 Lebaron T1

Stoney Creek Auto Salvage
Monroe Michigan

87 Daytona

Going out again next weekend so i'll be updating.
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Anybody located near pick n pull san jose south ,san Jose California? Im looking for a junkyard puller. Thanks.
1987 Shelby Lancer one of 400 with a manual trans and cloth interior at the old Balceans yard in Cheyenne, WY.
No head, turbo, intercooler/radiator, rims, logic module, steering wheel or dash plaque.
Is the radio still in it?
Not a Junkyard post, but couldn't resist.

Someone offering an 84 daytona turbo z for $325 on ohio craigslist. Ran when parked 16 years agoand is in bad shape but might have something usable for someone close.

1984 Dodge Daytona z(repair/parts/scrap)
1988 Plymouth Reliant base model sedan with a good blue interior and 2.2 engine. The body is beat to crap.

Also, there is this at LKQ in Dayton, Ohio. Other than the top, this could have easily been a good show car. :eek: :mad: :puzzled:

The cars that people throw away amaze me.

1986 Chrysler LeBaron convertible, factory turbo, Mark Cross and a digital dash package, loaded. Lots of show car quality parts on this one. I already have someone interested in the rack. the car is 100% complete so if you want anything let me know. I'm going back TOMORROW!

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Today at UPick in Miami, Fl., NW 74St. Chrysler section. 2.2 Carb/Auto


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Today at UPick in Miami, Fl., NW 74St. Chrysler section. 2.2 Carb/Auto
How are the floors?
Sorry. I didn't check.
nice red color center console for spirit /acclaim in the junk yard near me, if anyone needs it pm me pretty rare find in this color
Several good parts cars RIGHT NOW at LKQ Pick-A-Part in Dayton, Ohio.

1986 LeBaron GTS:

1986 LeBaron Turbo Convertible w/ Mark Cross!

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I scored big this past week at a yard in Philly. 84 Daytona Turbo Z with the checkerboard interior. THe door panels were gone, and the front seats are ripped but the back seats look great. I pulled the interior panels off the trunk area and wheel well covers, kick panel covers, visors, louvers, and antenna. Lots of good parts left though I plan to go back for the spoiler because mine is cracked on the passenger's side. This car did have the side louvers as well, but one of them was broken in the back, the other was in tact in the back seat.

Question for you all: Are all G-body windshields the same? Even for t-top cars? I'm seriously considering getting the windshield to have it. I know this glass is getting harder and harder to find. Its an original chrysler glass, but I don't know what I'm doing and would break it, and the parts puller at this yard admits he is a novice. But there are many yards up and down that road, some who specialize in glass that maybe could pull it for me.

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Congrats on that checkerboard interior. Those front seats look like mine! Ugh! Oh how I'd love to have mine gunning!
I didn't buy the checkerboard stuff, hopefully someone here will. I have a black leather interior ready to go in
I'd love to have that back seat. Lee'sDaytona please check your pm box. Thanks.
Steering Wheels on eBay. If someone knows where to better post this, please move it. I know someone is always looking for Steering Wheels for 80's Mopars. I found these listed for sale on eBay. The links take you straight to the page and there are numerous other pics and the prices.
Mopar Steering Wheel 1980's 1982 Dodge Rampage Black Steering Wheel 4188494 | eBay

Dodge Chrysler Steering Wheel with Adapter 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 | eBay

Mopar Steering Wheel 1980's 1985 Plymouth Duster Red Steering Wheel 4147143 | eBay
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1987 Plymouth Horizon at the Pick-N-Pull in KCMO, Winner Rd, Row 62 for anyone interested in that area.

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I was looking through Craigslist for some parts for my cars and came up on these. Saw some personally but not what I was looking for. Some of these qualify as Junk Yard finds since they have been parked over 15 years. Others are very nice and for sale. All are in the Midwest Area-KS, MO. Anyone needing parts or looking for a nice builder, or ready to drive can check the links. The 86' Charger was very nice with a MINT interior but, he had already sold the Hood and the front seats. Still, the sail panels and everything else was still there.

1986 Dodge Charger 2-Door Coupe
1986 Dodge Charger-2 door Coupe for Parts

1992 Dodge Daytona IROC
1992 Dodge Daytona IROC

1992 Dodge Daytona IROC

1985 DODGE DAYTONA - Has Two of them

1987 Dodge daytona shelby Z
Dodge daytona shelby Z

1989 Dodge Daytona ES Turbo
1989 Dodge Daytona ES Turbo - NEW PRICE

1991 dodge daytona Shelby (No Pictures on that post)
project car
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Here is another I found in Kansas. Looks pretty descent. Wish I had the cash.

88 dodge daytona shelby z - $2000 (Wichita)
Just saw this listed on the Liberty, Missouri U-Pull-It page. No Pictures. If anyone is interested, I would call to make sure it is still there. They tend to "crush" cars by mistake sooner than planned. This is the JY that blew up last year and reopened just recently this past October/November.

1992 DODGE SHADOW Green Hatchback 2.2lt 5 Speed

Liberty U-Pull-It
1101 Old 210 Hwy,
Liberty MO 64068
Monday - Saturday
8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
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