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I was the only one who bid on her at Mecums last week and almost feel like I stole it. Just got it back from the mechanic from a tune up and CV axle boots, Looks like 52,000 original miles and I am the second owner. The Dodge dealer who sold it originally bought it back from the original owner in the 90's. It is rust free and other than the headliner the interior seems mint. My son is going to use it to take it to car shows and cars and coffees in North Florida.

1986 Dodge Shelby GLHS | W130.1 | Kissimmee 2023 | Mecum Auctions

This is us today after we picked it up from the mechanic. With bald tires it did 0-60 on the Dragy consistently with 8.7. Pulls hard so not sure if I am launching to easy or hard or if it is just the tires. The oil temp gauge is not working and the PVC hose replacement will be here this weekend.

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