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Just when you thought you had every PT goodie...

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along comes something different. Ordered this from Wal-mart. You can go to www.walmart.com and go to the "photo" section. Download your photo and have the order sent to the store or your home. Took mine less than a week to show up.
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Best looking deck of cards I've ever seen!!!

Would you believe I sent a digital photo of my PT Cruiser to Walgreens to have a poster size photo made and they sent it back to me telling me it was a "professional photo" and they could not copy a professional photo???


It was just a photo I took of my PT Cruiser with my digital camera? ?:|
BK you can take it Office Max and they will make a poster of it.
Those are awesome cards!! I like that idea :).

BK-My son works for Office Max & I had a "mod board" done by them. Took about 15 minutes & only cost $20 with a coupon I found online. It came out really nice. Try them for your photo.
Well that's cool!!! Talk about playing with your car.
Check out the photo products at mpix.com...puzzles, calanders, buttons, statuettes, etc., and yes cards too.
Those are cool. I wouldnt mind having a set, even if I never play with real cards any more. Now Microsoft needs to get busy and let us choose our own pic for their deck of cards!!!!
Wal mart will make custom gift cards from your photos as well!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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