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Kamei (appearance products)

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I've searched for Kamei on here and nothing came up. So i'd thought i would make a thread asking about it.

This is the only pictures i've seen with Kamei stuff on one. (Picture below)

I'm bringing this up since i've been out of the TD game for awhile and never seen this stuff even when i still had a TD. I got some Kamei stuff on my BMW e30 that i got now, and alot of it is hard to get ahold of. So i'm guessing that it's even harder to get for Dodges?

So, does anyone have any pictures or know about and Kamei stuff for TD's? I'm very interested in seeing the "splats" that go onto the hood. (the black thing on the hood of the Daytona)

This is what the "splats" look like on my e30, but mine go ontop of the fenders. Since the ones in the above picture isn't very clear to see.
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Slick lookin car....those 'splats' are definately different.
Thanks, InfinityShelbyZ.

So, i guess that no one has seen or heard of any Kamei lower body spoilers/skirts for TD's?
sweet bimmer LOVE those wheels what are they?

most of their stuff is uber rare for our cars the only thing they support now are the shadows last i looked.

Look like Work Equip 03's to me.

Very nice bimmer.
They are knock off of Works Equip's. The name of the wheels are Drag and are 15x7 et10.

I was guessing that Kamei stuff was rare for FWD Mopars. Since all of the Kamei stuff i keep running across is for BMW and VW.
Ill be honest, that stuff is REALLY rare, cause I was big in the Dodge scene for awhile...never heard of it.....then went on to VW and to Volvo(which makes a tank of a car)...but I really never heard much of it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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