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Just joined the forum.

I'm restoring an 87 Horizon L Body 4 door for a customer.

I got complete new sets of window scrapers and felts from Omnipotent.

I've got the felt in all 4, the top scraper on door panels are stapled on, and will get handled by the upholstery folks.

What I'm struggling with and need help on is the outer door molding/scraper assemblies.

These have to be mated together using some long green funky strips..no screws or rivets available...see picture...

What I can't figure out is how the tab of the door molding fits into the top of the funky green clips...I know the tab on the molding slides into the top of green clip where the white arrow is pointing...but does the molding tab fit under or over the square tang?

I didn't remove the old molding/scraper assemblies so have no reference.

I've been fighting these things for hours and have made zero headway - could sure use some
OE pics and or tips to get these two pieces mated back together.

HELP!!!!! 911!!!!!

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