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L-Body Starter Replacement?

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Any tips? Looks like it may be easier to pull the head. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Guy Douglas
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i have a turbo 2.5 with a auto and i found it easier to remove the one axle to get more access to the starter. took a bit of time...but worked

Remove the 2 bolts on the int axle shaft mount. loosen the turbo brace, That should give you the room you need. Did it about 8 months ago this way with the old style HUGE starter. Replace it with the later model smaller starter.
Thanks, guys. Those replys were quick!!! :thumb: I appreciate the help.
Thanks again,
Guy Douglas
assuming you have a 525 trans, the 3 bolts that hold the starter in are all on the passenger side. you need a long extension to reach the inner most top bolt (this is totally done by feel) make sure to disconnect the battery before removal so the hot wire does not arc as you disassemble. additionally, remove the wires after you free the starter from the trans, it is a lot easier to access them.
Hey, I've done this quite a few times now on my L's.

It can be done without taking anything apart, but you might have trouble fitting it in. I found it easier to pass the starter from above the K-Frame between the exhaust and axles.

My new Omni doesn't have PS, so that made things easier!

I'd recommend pulling off the passenger side axle before pulling the head! (Unless you've got a Turbo or Headgasket to change while you're at it... (..heck... any reason to get a new Turbo on there is a good one!!)

This isn't that hard of a job.... but on an L-Body, everything is worse!

Hope you succeed!

Take Care
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I am putting a new starter in my GLHS as I do the 555 swap. Which starter should I put in there that is smaller than the stock one?
When I did the 555 swap in my SC I just used one from a 88 Daytona (it's what the trans was from) When they asked me if it was the Bosch or the nippion I asked them what was the diffrence and they told me the bosch was 70 and the nippon was 240! I told him it was the bosch!

The bosch was a lot smaller then the mopar unit.

Hope this helps.

Welcome to HELL

wouldn't that be something, if hell ended up being replacing starters on l bodys'. :bash:
when i did mine on my 84 SC i didn't remove anything but the shift linkage. it was a tight squeeze between the exhaust and the linkage but got it in and out twice.
Does the smaller one out of an 88 daytona still bolt in the same? What about the wires?
Yes the smaller Bosch fits and has a heat shield built in to boot. I did stuff some fiberglass under the heatshield for added protection,
guyd_15 said:
Any tips?
1) Go out and purchase a French-English dictionary.
2) Also purchase a German-English dictionary.
3) Also purchase an Italian-English dictionary.
4) Also purchase a Spanish-English dictionary.

Take all four books home and spend a few hours memorizing every swear word in all four languages. Trust me--you'll need the extra verbal ammunition for this job.

Seriously, removing the right side drive axle (or at least the intermidiate shaft support brace) will make things a bit easier. Before you do the job, go to the dealer and buy a brand new heat shield and a brand new bracket to hold the heat shield onto the new starter. There is only one thing worse than having to replace a starter on a turbo L-body: having to do it again a week later because you didn't instal a proper heat shield to protect your new starter.
What about using header wrap as a heat shield?
Thermotec sells a good wrap for starters.
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