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Well I got the word, 11 weeks in a cast and now I have to go another five weeks as it is not healing well. Surgery was ruled out because of my heart condition. So I am limited to what I can do and working on a beloved Mopar is not in the cards right now. So bear with me as I ask stupid questions and try to wrap all that knowledge and fit in my tiny brain.

I am hoping to continue to plan, try to get the car uncovered and oh yah go for a job interview for snow removal. It is awfully quiet inhere in the wee morning hours, just dreaming.......

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Second...To respond to this...
"So bear with me as I ask stupid questions"

Three things I learned in my youth from older, more experienced techs which I am one of now

1)The only "stupid" question is the one that is not asked.
2)It is easier to answer "stupid" questions than fix "stupid" mistakes.
3)The first time is an experience, the second time is a mistake.

My Son is going through a similar thing.
About 2-3 month's ago he was at the park waiting to play basketball (he thinks he is still 20 instead of 43) and the ball got away.
He went to retrieve it for the guys and at the edge of the asphalt there is a 1" drop off to the dirt, he stepped right on the drop off and rolled his ankle.
He apparently has a bone spur and he has been in pain, out of work and in a boot for the whole time.
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