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Laser TI wont run... found problem i think but.....

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Ok, well I have anything that could cause my problem sorted through and have narrowed my no-start condition down to a bad fuel pump. I am getting spark, i get crank, when i spray Starter fluid in the TB, it turns over. I pulled the fuel hose off at the regulator under the hood and put it in a bottle and cranked it and i dont get any gas at all. so that sorts out that problem i think. I was cleaning under the hood and accidently pulled a wire off that was some how connected to my distributor someplace. the wire is connected to what looks like a cam sensor. I took the cap off, took the rotor off, found the same type of wiring and where it broke and re attached it and put it all back together.The car turns over when it has starter fluid, so i dont think i damaged the HEP. Could anybody tell me if in deed what i broke was a wire to the HEP and if i reconnected it and the car turns over that it should be fine??
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Try checking the relayrs? Id swap in another HEP just in case. Pust the dist. cover back on the right way? (hey, we have all done it)
i dunno about being on the right way, it was connected to that plastic distributor cap shield and i tried to turn it and the wire came out and i was Ohh this isnt good and proceded to take it apart and see if i could fix what i just broke. i dont have an extra so swappng isnt gonna help. i think i checked everything else, think i might put the new O2 sensor in tomorrow and that should fix the black rich pipe it had when it was running
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