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Laser XT Vs Honda

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Ok so we are at the spot and after the local friendly's come thru and give everybody headache's, And try and arrest my bro even tho he had been parked??? this red mid 90's civic looked stock he said it was all stock (but with these guys you can never tell)who said he would run me so I say ok freeway tho much better. SO we get on the freeway and there is no traffic so we slow down almost to a stop,We both get on it I was kind of wondering what he was doing but? so I get easy 5 length's on him before i back off and he comes flying by and I had dropped down to speed limit 65 And his friend zips by in his honda too, They was not riced out so that was good. And I say ok drop it to 4th get some speed grab 5th and I finally catch back up to him and he is still crusing quick as he can(you could tell by the way his car was straining to gain and Im catching him with 5th lol and he was a good 6 car lenghts ahead of me before I caught him and passed him bad....
SO I am ok thats 1 down, We flip around pull to freeway light to go again all clear for a good mile or so...we take off from slight roll.... I get the jump on him tho I was not a good launch at all(good enough to get him tho) and I am gaining on him thru all gear's but he is sticking with me
(swore it sounded turbo'd ???) his front bumper was between back of my door and my back bumper and I am starting to gain much more in 5th gear and I see a semi in his lane so being that I was so far ahead at this time I figured I had won so I slow down for the semi and he zooms in and out and shoots past me as Im doing 65 he just flew by and I tried to catch up doing the speed limit on the city roads now to ask him what he thought and to see how fast he was going(my speedo dont work) he just flew by wouldnt even look at me....
I guess honda's do not like losing?
but a question how fast do you all think i was going?.... 86 laser xt stock t-1 no mods just k and n drop in 9 psi , stock 5 speed trans..we had a good stretch of a mile or more so?? and I had more to give(but not much) but we was just flipping past like a rocket... so i couldnt ask him to see how fast We was going , Cuz then I would have a good idea of what I was doing... maybe he was mad about losing..(and this is with timing off)
earlier today me and my bro ran with his r/t and i stayed with him
(front bumper on his ass end) till like 90 and he just walked WAYYYYYY past :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: me from there and he said he got to 110 115 with MUCH more to give and this run was much faster than that I know for a fact was almost like no comparison.
discuss any thoughts?
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Nice kill. You were probally around 105mph, those log's dont have much ass. lol
Dave said:
Nice kill. You were probally around 105mph, those log's dont have much ass. lol
Where do you get that about the log intake? I disagree, I know mine would easily do more than 105 even with an A413. I have had it close that and I could tell it had plenty more to go. The log intake is not that bad, especially when slightly modified for intercooling. I have experienced first hand a comparison between my car and other turbo dodge's with the newer style intake even at the same boost level and I could not tell much, if any real significant difference. And that's was between cars with a fairly comparable mods.

From what I have read and seen, the log intake's limitation start coming into play when you are trying to run much higher boost or a turbo that produces a lot more flow. Other than that, I think it's really not as bad as it's made out to be. In fact, isn't there a few people on here that have ran like 12's in the 1/4 mile using non-intercooled log intakes? If that's possible, then I would say the log has a lot more ass than you think.

I echo the nice kill.
I've done 130 MPH when my daytona was a T1 log car.
most rice burners i race, govern/top out at 110... so after that its walking away.

Ok so here is the latest in the rice saga.
I went back to the spot this past weekend, And I see the guy with the honda I ran and said whats up you enjoy that or something, And not bad for a stock car huh.. he gives me this dazed/confused look :rolleyes2 and says "Dude I was smoking you" I almost peed my pants trying not to laugh :laugh: , I stop and catch my breath and say "Ok how is that being that I beat you off the line and stayed in front of you the whole way and was pulling further in 5th :woot: " Ok so he still has that stupid look on his face and say's" yeah you was but I was catching up to you"(that was just the freeway's last run he didn't want to talk about the other 2 times lol) SO at this time I am like whatever dude and his friends just stand there and don't say anything and I ask him lets do it again next time(I was in my brothers car due to a sheared trans mount) He kinda nods and just wander's off so I just left..
Moral of the story I am not sure yet I am still not trying to laugh my spleen out of my side.... :wink:
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That story was pretty good, but I want to know what mods the honda had, or any details on it.
Devin, I want to destroy that civic :p
Your brother should have raced him.
What one ondonti? or do you already know who I am talking about? And yeah i want to know to but he wouldn't let me look underneath the hood?
whatever civic that is all cocky about his slow car
Come out to slc this weekend(saturday) he is always around sapp brother's around midnight.
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