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My cousin is trying to figure out what his '86 Turbo Z CS wll run as soon as its put back together. The car is a no power, non Ttop car but does retain its working AC and some sweet Mark Cross leather seats.

100k TI bottom end
Fresh head stock w/ High RPM lifters and Sintered followers
FM 475 cam
Stock TI turbo TU Quick Spool upgrade
Turbonetics 2.5'' SV
TU 3''DP
3'' side exit no cat or muffler
MP Stage 1 LM
Gvalved to 14psi
Direct Connection IC kit
Right now it still has the stock 3.57FD A525

Soon its gonna have an A523 w/ 3.77FD

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My '85 non-IC T1 runs a 14.7 with 16# at high altitude with nearly the same mods. That was before I put in a 2.5" SV & 3" exhaust. Don't know what I'd run now as the car's waiting for a new turbo.

I'd say yours will run low 14's easy.

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this combo looks to me like a warmed up 87 CSX setup (low 15s stock) with maybe extra 150 pounds

IF you have the motor tuned properly; and
IF you have the tires and technique to launch it;
THEN (I will predict) 14.7-15.0 sec @ 95-97 mph

street tires ? subtract 0.2-0.3 sec

should be easy to run mid 15s ; breaking into 14s is very possible if you get everything working right ; good luck and let us know !
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