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Hello all,

Well, my friend has too many irons in the fire and wants out of the turbo FWD dodges...

This is the guy who started me in it...

The 85 GLH-T is a very straight, clean factory dark blue car....

Needs engine/tranny
has a spearco draw-through intercooler setup to go with it including highly modified log intake manifold....

This car was running mid-low 13's on the street.... all on a stock shortblock with a stock turbocharger and draw-through setup...

Wiring harness is ugly, but works, would be great candidate for having the gentleman off the board here do a SMEC conversion harness for it!!- only like $250 is all he quoted me.

This omni was originally owned by Mike Robbins, who is a very cool guy if you follow fast street car class-Mopar racing.... very cool....

The car is low miles, I think around 60-70K total.... It has always been a southern car and has zero rust...
Also has aftermarket oil and grease rust proofing applied by previous owners ... ;-)

Interior is decently nice, small tears in driver's seat only, otherwise not bad at all, has leather grant steering wheel installed also... Comes with sony cd player and 5.5's in doors and 6 x 9's on package tray in back

Exterior sports at least 2 broken door handles... ;-)

Comes with a a myriad list of awesome parts!!

Venolias from FWD performance
.020 over for 2.5L below

Machined 89 model 2.5L .020 common block
Completed Head, high flowing pro ported by owner... very NICE!!!
Custom Powder-coated 2 piece intake manifold, matching engine
brackets, water pump housing

TII matching manifold with Almost new Super 70 Turbo/.48 with clipped wheel...
Very good condition... this was actually my turbo on the omnilet the last time... about 5K miles on it, very tight still, frequent oil changes, etc....

Car has 3inch stainless mandrel exhaust with a borla at the end...

Needs only a stainless 3 inch downpipe and Turbos unleashed swingvalve to complete...

I know I have left some things out here... but if you aren't interested, you probably don't care anyways..;-)

87 SHelby Daytona TII /A555

Doesn't run, engine problem... has all parts underhood for TII except 2 piece intake... intercooler, shelby computer, all hoses, a555...tranny and head/intake/turbo removed for painting/cleaning/rebuilding

Very straight, rust free car also from Texas...
WOuld make great builder... decent interior, needs paint

88 Shelby Daytona is about the same, but someone replaced all the TII stuff on this car and turned it into a TI ..;-(, But, engine starts and runs ok, has mitsu turbo on it

Last of all, the little 85 GLH -N/A HO engine
Car runs and drives!!!, needs wheel bearing on driver's side

Engine runs and drives excellent!!!!!! tranny is good also, owned by an older couple until 2002, when purchased and driven home to Tyler from Waco!!!

Car is black, has some dings, but nothing major at all, red interior, no carpet (previous owner was replacing it and quit), ugly seats....

All of the above cars and parts, etc. can be had for a mere sum of

$3,000 firm!!!!

That's right, a nice paint job on the GLH-T, newer tires, factory 5 lug pizzas, crabs on the daytonas, 5 lug pizzas on the GLH NA also...

If interested,

Call (903)825-2514 and ask for Chevy at T & K Performance in Flint, Tx...

Call from 9:00-to 5:00

Thanks and please feel free to ask him questions if interested...

Please, no tire kickers or time wasters... this is cheap for all that you are getting... I should know

"thumbs up "thumbs up

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NO SUPER 70 Turbo included in deal-sorry!!

goes to above parts for sale...


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