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Looking for Detroit-area junkyard recommendations

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Looking for some cheap stuff for my Acclaim project, and would like to find a reasonably priced pick-n-pull yard not too far from the NE suburbs of Detroit. I know a few guys on here are from this area, can you help me out with some recommendations?

Email's best [email protected]

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most yards i know of have cleared out all the older models... maybe American on groesbeck and 14 1/2 mile... i used to goto H&S of auburn rd but they look like they are closing.
Telegraph and Eureka in Taylor. Excellent yard with plaenty of older dodge parts.
Taylor Auto Salvage off of Pardee in Taylor. Right near telegraph. Might be the same one Scott is talking about.
Thanks everyone!!
If you don't find what you want at the yard, I have what you need more than likely. I've got tons of spare parts here..heads, pistons, rods, blocks, wiring harnesses, etc. etc.
A new pick & pull is on 8 mile somewhere between groesbeck & van ****. My neighbor went up there & told me theres alot of sundance & shadows & neons in there.
Another I forgot to mention is in Clarkston called Blue Lake Auto. They have tons of FWD chryslers there.
Warhoops in Sterling Heights has TONS of mini-vans, and shadows and the like...

At least they did, last time I was there was prolly a year or so ago.
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