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Looking for Fender CS emblem for 86 Turbo Z

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I am in search of a pair of front side fender CS emblems for my 1986 Turbo Z. It appears when the car was last repainted the logos were taken off and then missplaced by a previous owner. If you have a set for sale, or know of a website I could order a set from or have a set made send me a PM.


For reference this is a picture from another thread, but the car is the same model, color, and has the logos on the front fender I am after.
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ive got a set some where lol , i think they are gold. hows 25.00 shipped for the pair if i can find them. pm me if interested

sent you a PM
I want to see your Turbo Z, and possibly buy it lol
I will put some pictures up tonight, my computer is not wanting to act right at the moment.
found them, can you pm me a email so i can send pics, and they are gold
Sent you a PM with my e-mail address.

Also, posted some pictures at this location
Not helpful, but thats my old car at my house under resto.

Come to think of it, you may have my old car if its the same color. Does it have blue turbo Z badges? I didn't put the CS emblems back on because I never repainted them blue.

edit: LOL, that "same color and model" IS your car:

Jay (jaysshelby) had an NOS blue CS emblem it was the only one I had ever seen no idea what it was to go on.
J&H, I sent you a PM I have some quick questions about this car.
I have a red set if other offers do not meet your needs. PM me if you need.
Bumping thread, I have a few people looking but so far no luck.
I have a set of red and an nos gold ill sell.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts