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Looking for TD in FL/GA

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I'm looking for a TD in Florida and or GA. Nothing too modded but nothing that needs massive amounts of work either. Anyone know of anything?
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mike makuch was selling a turbo convertable lebaron, 1989 for $1000 last week. i almost bought it myself, but i really really really really want to turbo my minivan. he thought he had a buyer but hadn't gotten any phone calls. i took pics and video of the thing, so email me at [email protected], and i'll email the stuff to you.
Ive got an 86 Turbo Z that is running and driving for $450. 95% stock. Only mod is a roller cam from 89 Lebaron. Look at the "86 Turbo Z problematic" thread here. Im 10 minutes north of Valdosta, Georgia.
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