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Hi All,

Are the cast and stamped control arms the same as far as the geometry? Also, are the LeBaron and Sundance arms the same? I'm assuming they are since I believe I got a Shadow arm years ago for my 90 Shelby Daytona.
What I'm getting at here is this. I resently switched arms (cast) on my 94 Sundance for lower mileage ones. This was a quick cheap way to get newer rubber while rebuilding all the rest of the front-end stuff.
Now I have 2 cast arms sitting here and would like to replace the rubber and ball joints and switch in to my 89 GTC at a later date. Would I gain anything with these or do they react the same as the stamped arms. That is, if they can be switched.
One other thing. As far as stock type rubber bushings, are they easy to install? I know the poly bushings are, but I'd rather get something close to stock. I'm happy with the way the car handles when everything is newer.

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The caster is different between the dual pivot stamped and the dual pivot cast arms. The stamped are lighter so you have less unsprung weight which is a good thing. Poly bushings from Energy Suspension are also very cheap and have very good engineering for the 89-90 stamped arms.
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