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M.P.G Way off from what I thought

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Guys, I just got my car running real good I for the longest time I have estimated my MPG to be around 13. After getting the timing set where the car likes it, I filled up my tank and did a check. After 190 miles I filled up again. I figured it up and I am getting 21 MPG!!!! :eek: I was floored! NO way I could be getting that kind of gas mileage. I thought for a second, Maybe someone is stealing gas. No, they would have to be stealing gas and putting it in my tank. And I have been Flogging the living hell out of it. (Well not alot, but enough to notice a drop in gas mileage) I really am getting 21 MPG! I was surprised how good that is with what I have done to my car. An

-2.5 + G-head
-20% injectors (Nothing to control them... Stock Fuel system and computer)
-T3/TO4b Turbo I think it is S-Trim
-2.5in exahust (I know that helps)
-NPR Large intercooler
-Ballence shafts removed (helps)
-Ported/polished head
-ported SV and Exahust mani
-Accel 8mm Spiral core.

Maybe alittle more, but that is still alot better than I thought I would get. I thought that the 20% injectors would make me run rich all the time. Do you think that the TO4B Compressor side is helping that out alittle? Bigger turbo flowing more at less PSI?

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Stock but droppiong in 20% injectors... and gettin on the gas a little? Im surprised youre getting 21mpg....

Im 'tuned' for the +40's and with some mild getting on it occassionaly it musters around 20mpg.. only get 30mpg if its all highway and stays out or in low boost.
I am too, I am wondering what it will be like when I get the New CAL soon.
I get about 21-22 average with my 3-bar cal, about 75% city vs highway driving. I flog it pretty hard most of the time. I can get 30 or more on long highway trips with the A520 I have in there now. When I had the A568, the mileage was pretty much always 21-22.
I've got 34mpg 8lbs boost and 89 octane. That's driving back and forth to work, 40 mile round trip. 7 miles rural road and 13 interstate. After getting my boost situation straighted out...boosting to 18lbs and running 93 octane- 32 mpg. Sure, if I flog it a lot I don't get that but mileage is pretty darn good. Lebaron convert 2.5 555, mildly ported swirl head, back-cut valves, ported exhaust,T2 Garrett w/2.5 swingvalve, 3" w/high-flow cat, no muffler, Supra FMIC, 3 bar w/+40's, and TU cal.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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