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Magnecore wires won't fit!

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Anyone else have trouble not getting magnecore wires not to fit into our distributors at all? Mine are not even getting close to snapping into my brand new distributor and rotor! So pissed. I've even tried pulling the rubber boot back a little bit and it still won't go in.
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I have never used those wires but they are 8.5mm so they will be a tight fit and will probably require some sort of lubrication to slide into the cap towers.
I just measured the cap tower ID and it is approx. 11/32" which is .34375" while 8.5mm is equal to .33464".
I CAREFULLY drill the cap just down far enough to get the wires in. If you drill too far you can drill all the way through the cap and render it useless. even with a 3/8" drill it's a tight fit.
No amount of lube will get these wires in, I even have the 8mm wires not the 8.5mm. Gonna try to drill some room and let ya guys know how it went
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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