I've put a lot work into her, but she simply doesn't like me. I'm posting this to see if there is enough interest for someone else to take over.

I have a 1989 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible Turbo I 2.5 Auto in Red. The top is fair, not torn or wrinkled. The hydraulics are intact but sound like they need to be purged. The digital dash sometimes flickers and fades away. The front-left fender is a little dented, but otherwise the body is in quite good condition. I don't think there's a touch of rust anywhere at all. The clear coat is peeling on about half of the car. The driver's door doesn't lock, and the passenger door sometimes doesn't unlock. The ride and handling is great! The leather seats are a little worn. The rear windows are both stuck closed. I rebuilt the engine (used pistons, new rod bearings, Sealed Power rings, etc). I presently have it configured with an intercooler, but I would be selling it with the standard original T1 configuration. It has a good VA inspection through June. The headlight doors don't move. The horn doesn't work from the steering wheel. (I got through inspection by tearing the top off of the horn relay. It's a "button" within the driver's reach, sooooo...) Power seats, front windows, and power mirrors work fine. Someone tore the antenna off a few days ago. It has lace wheels with good tires. One wheel is damaged, but overall the four of them are alright. Someone used clear silicone around the back of the convertible top, though it doesn't appear to have had a leak. The trunk seal does have a leak, so the previous owner may have been mistaken about what was leaking. The car has about 110k miles, but the new digital dash shows way over 200k. The A/C worked, but hot air to the defroster doesn't turn off. The knee-board fuse block appears to have come from a different car. Most of the time, there are no power loss codes (aside from 12 and 55 of course).

The engine is strong! I'm pleased with how the rebuild came out. All of these other things can be fixed. The main reason I'm seeing if someone wants to buy the car is a lingering intermittent problem. Take it out and drive it, and it's strong and responsive. Lay into it once, and you fly forward as if in a rocket. Lay into it again, and it's less impressive. Next time, it's sluggish. Eventually, you can't even push on the throttle hard enough to maintain 55 MPH on a flat road. However, if you blip the key to off and back to on so fast that the engine is still running, it usually "resets", and everything works fine again. I've tested and cleaned all of the contacts on the entire engine harness. I've replaced the SMEC, which turned out to not be faulty. I replaced the MAP sensor, which was bad. I replaced the boost sensor, which was bad. I rebuilt the turbo, which was bad. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator, which was bad. I replaced the HEP, which was bad. I've stripped out the vacuum system to go with the most basic configuration I can make. Aside from the bad FPR, I've never caught the fuel pressure being low, although that's what it feels like when the problem happens. I've changed several relays, some of which were no longer making contacts. Three pistons were shattered when I got the car, and I rebuilt the motor. (I reconnected the balance shafts. Personally, I like the engine being as smooth as possible, and the power savings are minimal, but that's a can of worms for another day.) The TPS tested bad, and I replaced it. Honestly, I can't remember what else I've done.

It doesn't need a tow truck to get it home. It will start and drive just fine. If you never go past about a quarter throttle, it will probably drive for hours.

Update: Good news - The fuel pump had a bad wire. It was replaced, and now the bogging down problem is gone! Bad news - There are two tears in the top.