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Many performance and P body parts....
Richard Bier
Vandergrift PA 15690
[email protected]

All parts were for my 87/88 Shadow rebuild from the ground up.

88 ES shell, engine bay bare, painted black. Front coresupport painted, All fender wells cleaned painted then undercoated. Under side TOTALY RUST FREE, Currently no suspention, but have all to make a roller. Interior bare, converted to 87 wiring, under hood converted to TII lm/pm setup. Has 87 dash, ect. Sunroof, all power options, ect. Make offer.

ALSO have a 87 shadow ES TI 5 speed being parted out.

Am now going a different route and need some of this gone.

87 TII lm. $50 shipped
87 TII lm FWD Performance stage 5 $115 shipped
86 TI lancer lm $25
87 2.5 tbi lm $25
87 Aries pm $25
87 TI shadow lm $40

MP +20% injectors(low mileage) $100 shipped
MP 804 Injectors(low mileage) $50 shipped
(3)Stock log TI fuel rail, reg, and injectors Make an offer
(2)Stock blow-through TI fuel rail, reg, and injectors Make an offer

One peice Valve cover. $25+shipping
Two peice Valve cover. Painted red 8 out of 10 condition $20+shipping
Two peice valve cover unfinished $15+shipping

87 TI 2.2 block from Shelby Lancer. Still has cross hatching, standard bores, GREAT shape. $50
(2)87 Cast 2.2 crank Needs turned lightly as #3 has Very small score marks $50
87 TI rods and pistons GREAT shape. $45
2.2 oil pan. GREAT shape, no dents at all. $30

(2) Swirl heads
1: good shape, 100k+ miles, slider cam, rockers, lifters ect. $40
2: GREAT shape, from low mileage Shelby Lancer, VERY clean, no cam, lifters, rockers. Springs and retainers there. needs Exhaust stud removed. $55

TII exhuast Manifold $25
2.5" Swingvalve $80
TI garret, large can, bad impeller blade, and has play. Make offer.

Log parts, all there, make offer.
52mm TB $35
46mm TB make offer.

TII rad from daytona. 7 out of 10 condition $40, W/ fan $50, W/ fandand intercooler brackets, $55

FMI 2" thick $50

Mopar Performance Adjustable cam sprocket Round tooth. Blue $50

Underdrive Pully, CB style. $80 shipped

A520, high miles, NO grinds, ran great. $100

P body shifter, early. $30
P body cables, early. VERY new. $30

New flywheel, never ran. $45

One peice intake, bumps removed. $90

Brand new stock replacement Walbro pump. $50shipped

VERY low mileage Stock replacement pump, unsure of brand, $40shipped

Pbody Fuel pump assembly $25

86' Lancer ES TI engine harness. Comes with Relays, solenoids, ect. All that is needed to swap in to a k-car(Aries, Reliant, ect) is to swap the headlight plugs. It matches the firewall plug exactly. I will also include the correct k- car based headlight\turnsignal plugs for the buyer. Was going to do a wagon turbo swap but had to junk the car.$50 obo

87 shadow TI engine harness. $45
(2)87 shadow body harness, all options. $25
(2)87 dash harness $25
$80 for all

87 shadow TIconvertedtoTII engine harness $55
88 shadow body harness $25
88 shadow dash harness $25

88 dash, great condition.$40

Sunpro Tach. Around 3", with mount. $30

87' Aries 2.5 TBI underhood harness. Complete. $25 $45 with lm & pm

2.5 TallBlock New Timing Belt,& Cam Sprocket. $15

TPS sensor. TBI. Maybe 300 Miles on it. $5

86&87 Turbo Distributer. $15 each

87 TBI distributer $10

Shadow hatch, rust free no glass. Best offer

88 ES spoiler. $25

87' Starter from low milage NA $15 each

Alternator. (2)87' and a 86' $20each

All under dash Heat/AC complonents Pbody. Best offer

Many parts still to come.
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