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max psi on +20's?

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whats the max boost you can put on +20's?
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Wish you guys would search!

There is no definate answer, each car, van is different. Depends on turbo used, head work, engine work, intercooler type, cal, fuel pump etc. On a stock 2.5L, stock turbo, 255 pump and medium intercooler, got 23 psi!
The definate answer is WHP # not psi related. +20's will support about 280-290 whp MAX.
Up the boost till you read 13:1 A/F on the dyno, then put in bigger injectors.
i'm running the brown top ford injectors(should be very very close to plus 20s). My injectors are maxed out(duty cycle) in the cal at around 21 psi depending on air temp. With a base of 59 psi for fuel pressure, a cold start on at 12psi, and a little extra fuel(25 hp) from the fuel side of my nitrous, my afr is a nice 11.8 at 21psi. (without the extra 25 hp, it was 12.7, goes just as fast with the extra fuel) my 2.2, stock t3 turbo, g-head, starion intercooler, 2 1/2" downpipe to 3" exhaust combination seems to use a little more fuel than most of the other TDs, but thats my setup if that helps answer your question.
KBRIGGS you really have to monitor your air-fuel ratio as you raise boost with any injector size, as already said, too many variables to give a simple answer.

the most important piece of tech advise i ever received here at TD.com: if you modify any TD engine's fuel or air system you have to measure and monitor a/f ratios, or, risk destroying major engine internals quickly.
I'm running 19 psi boost on a mostly stock TII setup with 3" exhaust and +20 injectors. I have also have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator dialed in at the stock 55 psi base pressure. I haven't dynoed it in it's current setup, but I'm estimating it's making between 230-240 wheel HP.
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