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Mexican Formula 2 (barn find) *tons of pics*

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Hey folks

Just wanted to share our new find, its basically a Formula 2 car with a lot of Mopar Performance goodies that I have never seen before in all my years as a Mopar enthusiast, so take a look:

This is how we found it:

So after about a couple of days of work:

And here is the last update:

Now after some research I have found these pics also lost in time of the Mexican Formula 2.
Chasis Ralt RT3/82 used in Europe as Formula 3000 with Cosworth engines, so in the early 90s the Formula 2 was created with Chrysler engines and the results:

cool isnt it?... we are so exited about this find, will see if we can have it tunned to go racing... and who knows probably will put a turbo on it :fingersx:
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almost 4 got , You probably should PULL all the plugs when finding your TDC as that being a high compression motor ! it will fight the process and be erratic in regards to the rotation if you leave any plugs in . If you get a chance send me a photo of the crank snout area (to the number I sent the photo's from) I may have a good solution for you . As DR. Johnny said there's got to be some remnant of tuning process somewhere on it .
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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