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I have a few parts laying around from a 1985 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z that I used to own. I also have a C-4805 Miller Tool that was used on the same car.

Logic Module - this was a special module programmed by the guys in Highland Park that supported the racing teams. I had an additional algorithm that would increase the boost each time you used it and would reset to stock when you removed power from it. Other than that, it functions just like a factory unit. Make offer.

Trip Computer Buttons have been replaced. Five backlights need to be replaced... one is still good. Make offer.

A/C compressor. I believe it would need to be rebuilt, but it was actually the clutch that failed on it. Also have the Dryer with hose. FREE + shipping

I have a plastic cover that goes over some wiring in the engine compartment. I forget if it was the left or right side, but right in front of the shock tower it snaps in place over the wiring. (see picture). This is free but you'd have to pay shipping. It's light and I'd think would fit in a small flat-rate box.

C-4805 Miller Tool Make offer
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