EDIT 5-12-22 PM*****Note: I will need to edit this a lot, a gentleman on e-bay did all the work, knew the answer was out there already not only dug up the model year, but the part #'s also...and the answer is:

I show in my rod book that the 690 gram rod was used from 1981-85. I show the rod # 4323218LW was used from 1989-92 and weighed 660 grams. I know I had them but I couldn't find them right off the bat. I can look more tomorrow if you want.
I checked the turbo full floating style but they weighed 705 grams.

Found them, they are indeed 660 grams, so those did not even exist in 1984 (they are Mopar Branded as superceeded parts Brand New for 2.2L and 2.5L so they are indeed now Stock OEM!

The hunt did not last very long, as the man deals in Rods for a living in Chicago, Ill.

I still will call to confirm I can use them, and ask the seller to give a representative how far over 660 grams, avg, as the only beam left on them are on the bottoms as they are manufactured rounded on the top brand new already, so they are probably very close to 660 grams already


I know most are in the (Turbo Part) of the "Turbo Dodge" category/mode here, but I am very regulated in NHRA STK Elim. and my category DF/S-EF/S combo is very different (2.2L/135 CI Naturally Aspirated (Single Point Bosch Throttle Body) TBI w/ and Auto-Trans., and I am stuck with making a very slow sled of all the mid 1980's Mopar's (that has been a 1 family owned car since the day it drove off the lot in Cerritos, CA in Feb. 1984), go a wee bit faster and yet stay completely legal. My combination is a: 1984 Dodge Daytona 2.2L /135 Single Point TBI (Non-Turbo). In the middle of the engine's first re-build, just ordered the new Ross Forged Pistons!

PARTS WANTED/REWARD OFFERED: Connecting Rods MOPAR PART #5203385 that have not been machined on at all. I need -at least 1, but not more than 4-6 (So, I may buy parts from and Reward more than 1 person in this hunt for the right parts)...CONDITION: New or used, but in a completely useable and an undamaged state (Mopar Connecting Rods Part # 5203385) , that weigh over 660 grams each (pic's on a scale that show the part # of course, will be a helpful bonus), and you must be willing to sell it/them to me at a reasonable price each of course to qualify for the sales price - plus the intended reward, and I will also of course pay for the careful packaging and shipping to me), but they must weigh untouched much less than the lightest 1 of 4 used stock ones I own weigh now.

This 1 Connecting Rod-Cap-Bolts (the truly lucky winner)-must be usable in my final rotating assembly, as it will serve as the untouched master (Piston, Pin, Ring Set, Rod/Cap/bolts Completed Assembly-Min Assembly Wt. Total 1169 Grams), that the other 3 will actually be balanced to.

So, I am looking to buy at least 1 to a few (completely untouched as far as grinding, or lightening or damaged or harmed in any way), in stock condition (they could have been shot peened already, as that is acceptable), and Rod Length must be stock +/- .025-inch center to center. (The Stock Length of Part #5203385 is listed as 5.096").

If you have said parts, they meet all the conditions above, and you are willing to reasonably part with them, please weigh em' up folks and let's talk ASAP please.

I really want to REWARD at least 1 Seller if not more, and my machinist (along with the usable condition of the parts purchased of course), will determine who gets rewarded out of the willing providers of the wanted parts/sellers, but I guarantee personally, that if you have the listed parts, the condition is right, you will sell it reasonably, it weighs anywhere slightly above 660 Grams, but not well above that weight, take the time to weigh them up and provide pics, and contact me here, and we can make a reasonable deal on the purchase....At least 1, if not a few more people will be handsomely rewarded, and you can sell the part or parts too! (Better off in my engine racing and collecting wins/records, than collecting dust/rust. and cash in your pocket for your unused metal hanging around can be the bonus).

Closest to the slightly above 660 Gram (winning part provider), is the absolute winner. People who love drag racing (and do not require going really fast, in these days of ballz to the wall no prep kings heads up 1/8 mile), but are more like most Turbo Dodge purists, especially if you like 1/4 mile NHRA Class Racing, and just want to see our type of cars prevail., would absolutely have a ball with the reward.

Reward Hint: Want to be part of a permanent part of a winning race team making a comeback after a long layoff? If you have the part(s)...Take the time to weigh them today! (Nothing to lose, everything to gain...You already took the time to read my book above, so take the gamble...).

Thank's in advance to all who take the time and qualify to participate.