Parts Wanted -Mopar Performance Cam P4529321 for 2.2L /135 Hyd. Cam (New or used in great shape-reasonably priced).

Specs should read- Lift .430/.430 I/E, Duration 268, Centerline 120, Overlap (something 44-The label on the box without the cam I have, is unreadable on the first digit-but could be 244? or 144?)

Or would consider any 2.2L /135 custom grind or off the shelf Hyd. cams between .427/.427 and .445/.445 for a Chry./Dodge/Plymouth 2.2L /135 Single Point Carbed or TBI (Naturally Aspirated)-Non Turbo Application.

I have the # 4323287 Cylinder Head Casting. Slider Rockers/ Shimmed PT Lifters.