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motor swap ?'s

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will it work?

if i take the 2.2 turbo motor with the log intake out of a 87 dodge shadow
and i swap the intake off my 89 2.5 minivan turbo and put it on the 2.2
and put it in the mini
will the 2.5 ecu be able to work with the 2.2? or will it totally spaz
out over .3 cubic inches in difference
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You're talking about a difference of more like 16 cubes, give or take. Are they both turbo, N/A, or one of each?
ya you can do it / i run a 88t1 in mine with no real diff. leave the 2.5 inj. in there too.just now i got the seats out to install the shifter and pedales to make it a 5sp. only thing. is your garrett bad if not just turn it and make a adpt. to the inlet. and use it. or just swap the head and all from the mini. take it from someone who has done it it will work. ALS
both turbo
the mini had the mitsu
the shadow has a garret

planned on putting the better mini intake on the 2.2 before loading it into the van
Was the 2.5 I/C? Which intake does it have? Use the Garret turbo in either case. You might have issues with the electronics, but I'l lleave that to someone more knowledgeable.
to use the garrett you will have to knoch the top of the turbo to clear the intake / just look at the mish it has the knoch already. u can use the exht. manifold off the mini to as the cut out is there . go for it, :thumb: als
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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