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I hate to bash, I hate to have to talk about other's work, but this has become so frustrating I figured I'd save the headaches for everyone else. I have heard mixed things about MRX Motors, a lot of people say he's expensive, but the quality is good, some say it takes ages to hear from him. This is a quote from the transmission section of his website.
"Completely Remanufactured OEM and Severe Duty Transmissions and Parts. Call us if you don't see your particular application. We can remanufacture and/or modify most makes of transmissions. We have several in stock ready to ship, for custom builds please allow approximately 2 –3 weeks for completion. Installation available."
Several in stock ready to ship, I ordered a basic one, should've had it in stock. He told me he had to build one, no problem there, not a long job, shouldn't have to wait. That was on April 19th when he received my money, in the first week of May he told me it was almost done and would be out soon. I heard nothing for another week, he said he was finishing a car project, and it'd be out in a couple days. Here we are on May 24th, sending e-mails back and forth, no results, takes 3 weeks to finish up the last quarter of a transmission? This is a part he was supposed to have in stock as well (being it's a nothing special, just generic A413 Turbo Tranny, not a racing package). I'm out $575 on the half down, if I don't hear by Monday I'll be asking for a refund, and now I'm watching my car rot essentially. (If any of this is not clear, apologies, a little flustered)
:bang head
Basically, if you want a part quick, I wouldn't advise MRX Motors, I see the people that get the more expensive setups get a quicker reaction. I have no doubt that the quality is great, but it's a hassle, you have to play phone tag or e-mail tag with him to hear bad/false excuses, if my transmission was being finished 3 weeks ago, I would have a Daytona on the road. Please, save yourself the headache for anyone who is new to all this and has never dealt with him before. People that have met him seem to get a good response, but all of us strangers get the bad end of the deal.
(If someone has any advice to give, I'd be happy to hear on it)
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I really do hope this all works out, but so far it's just an inconvience. Especially when I could've bought a used tranny and turbo engine with 80k on them for $350, ~4 weeks ago. We'll see. :fingersx:
Mike's a great guy and does great work. It may be fustrating waiting on parts, but realistically 4-5 weeks on a TD trans isn't that bad. MRX is a small shop and I know he is pretty loaded with some major builds, so have some patience..... Quality shops that specialize in our cars are very rare, and if it takes more time to get what you need, it's the price you pay for having a very niche market vehicle, and bashing the guy doesn't help. I hope you get it resolved.

I will pull this post soon, I don't want to hurt a business, but I also want people to know what to expect. I'm not the type of person who attacks others, and I don't even know if I consider what I said bashing. There's a dividing line between facts and bashing. I didn't make anything up or exaggerate, or bring up insults against him, it was just a review of my experience moreso. I'm sure I will be happy with my transmission. My only problem was what was said on his website compared to actual experience.
Personal opinion: I haven't seen anyone else recommended more than MRX Motors, if I ever want engine or transmission work, that I can't do myself, I would go through him.
At least I thought it was... -.-
I'm guessing this means you haven't received your parts yet?
I was supposed to be contacted on the how much the second half of the payment should be, haven't been contacted yet, sent a reminder on Tuesday, still nada, he said I'd have it by, what I'm assuming is next Wednesday now. I'm just dying everytime I go outside and have to look my Daytona in the headlights, it's giving me that guilty look. lol
I may cancel the order soon. Made the payment 45 days ago and I have nothing to show for it except that 3-4 weeks ago it was "almost" done. Was going to be going to a local car show in a few days, but I'll have to postpone it until it comes around again in July. (There's another one that happens every week, but it's mostly 1974 and older vehicles)
Don't feel to bad. After how I treat my lancer its hard to even look at her any more
Think of it this way, you pampered her with all the good stuff, you gotta have them put out a "little" bit. What's the point of turbos if you don't use them? :D
And no replies still. Getting my money back tomorrow if I don't hear from him tonight since I was supposed to get a quote by the 28th, I figured he might've meant this Monday instead. But almost 50 days is long enough for something that was almost finished a month ago.
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