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Bansheenut420's 1992 IROC R/T

quick Intro

Current Mod list
-2.2l T3 shortblock
-Venolia forged pistons
-polished forged crank, balanced
-shot peened forged rods with re-drilled tops
-sealed power rings
-clevite main and rod bearings
-ARP hardware
-melling high volume oil pump
-Ishihara-jonhson windage tray and oil pan baffle,
-Balance shafts removed

-ARP headstuds
-Cometic .074" mls headgasket
-Stock Head (for now :hat: )
-upgraded GEN3 FWD performance lifters
-FWD Performance Titanium valve spring retainers
-FWD Performance ADJ. cam gears
-LoneWolf performance stage one cams
-LoneWolf performance ported intake manifold
-4" Custom cold air intake with filter in the nose of the car
-Spearco 1010 CFM fmic with mandrel bent 2.5" pipeing
-Apexi BOV

-Holset HX-40pro Turbo with hogged out BEP turbine housing
-TurboConcepts 38mm external wastegate (with 1 bar spring)
-Custom 3" mandrel bent Downpipe with external wastegate dump
-LoneWolf Performance ported and thermal coated exhaust manifold drilled and tapped for EGT probe.
-3" mandrel bent SS exhaust
-3" Downpipe dump with electronic dump valve (switch in car)
-3"Magnaflow hiflow cat
-3"Magnaflow muffler

-Accufab AFPR
-58lb/hr injectors
-High flow billet fuel rail
-Walbro 255 fuel pump
-DevilsOwn Progressive meth injection (2) 14gph nozzles
-FWD Performance Ground wire kit
-Aroura 8.5mm wires

-"Built" A568 trans. from FWD Performance
-Quaife LSD
-B&M short throw shifter
-Solid shifter bushings
-Fidanza light weight flywheel
-Clutchnet 6 puck sintered copper/ceramic clutch disk
-FWD Performance dual diaphragm pressure plate

-FWD Performance Custom 3 bar calibration with 8K revlimit
-HDI 2 stage Electronic boost controller
-Zeitronix wideband o2 meter with wideband o2, egt, boost, rpm, and tps monitoring and datalogging.
-OTC 2000 scanner/datalogger
-Zeitronix LCD display (displays EGT, wideband, lamda, boost in car without datalogging)
-AutoMeter boost gauge
-AutoMeter Oil pressure gauge

17" RaceLine 6 spoke Gloss black wheels with polished lip
17" Firestone firehawks
-M/T ETdrag drag slicks 24.5x8x15 (VHT soaked)
-BGF T/A drag radials 225x50x25 (VHT soaked)
-strut tower bar
-PolyBushings.com poly motor mounts
-Solid bobble strut

-Vac Dist block with all silicone line
-Oil cooler
-180 deg thermo.
-ported waterpump
-JVC G-820 CD/mp3/ipod reciver
-3.5"JBL dash speakers
-5.25"AudioArt midbass
-5x8" Polk audio rears
-(2) 10" JL Audio subs
-Custom box
-JL Audio 250/1 amp (bass)
-Blaupunkt 4 channel amp (mids/highs)
-Cobra radar detector
-Stock alarm
-Viper alarm

Quickest track times​
sad as they are... :eek:
[email protected](Holset @ 22psi breaking up in 3rd and 4th)
*No pic of the timeslip yet, but here is a video of the run.
IROC R/T goes 12.3. "learning to fly part 3" - Car Videos on StreetFire
[email protected] (19psi with boost leaks)
[email protected] (17psi with boost leaks)
-14.2 @ 96 (with s70 turbo, hitting fuel cut 3+ times)

-Best 60'=1.81 (it can do a little better)
-Best Mph=111.78
-Best E/T=12.3

going nowhere fast!​
Sorry. None yet. Lifted the head the day I was thinking of going up to the dyno with new holset. Never dynoed with the s70.

Current goal is 500+whp

Current Favorite videos​
all on a closed course​
-15psi tuning runs (right after install)
^^Some practice runs with the holset with drag radials on. EBC set to 15psi. and a/f is way to rich at 10.3-9.9.... But, it felt pretty good and lit the drag radials up in second a bit on the second run. This is on the computer generated track we use for street racing. I am starting at the startline, camera is at the finish.

-"Learning to fly, part 3" RT finally goes to the track
IROC R/T goes 12.3. "learning to fly part 3" - Car Videos on StreetFire
^^"shakedown" passes with the holset... First pass ever with it. :cheers:

-"Mullet Road rendezvous" R/T Vs. Evo X from a dig and roll on the computer generated street track again.
Evo X Vs Daytona RT - Car Videos on StreetFire

-"The Junkyards slightly less homily, fat, inbred cousin" R/T goes back to the track
The Junkyards fat, slightly less homily, inbred co - Car Videos on StreetFire


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The Beginning
-How it all started-
Chapter 1​

Here is my project. Its a 1992 Dodge daytona IROC R/T.

Like I said, its a 92 Daytona IROC R/T. 1 of 432 IROC RT's built total, 1 of 75 in white in 92, and 1 of 5 PVP Pilot car. (Pre vehicle production car)
Its got a grey leather interior. Sunroof (1 of 50 with factory sunroof). Power windows, locks, and mirrors. Plus 8 way power recaro drivers seat.
Stock motor is a 2.2l DOHC intercooled turbo. It has a Lotus designed and cast head and a getrag 5 speed trans. It came with 224 hp/ 217 ft.lb stock.

I am the 3rd owner of the car, besides Chrysler. It was sold to a chrysler execs. son, who beat the car till it would hardly run. Then an air force doctor in Kansas picked it up. He tore the motor down to find the number one cyl sleeve cracked, as well as other problems and rebuilt the motor. He was transferred to Cheyenne Wyoming, and decided to sell the car. When I drove up to get the car, it was obvious it was his baby. He parked it in the heated garage, while the new 300c stayed outside. Which he said was one of the reasons his wife was making him get rid of it. Long story short, next day I was on the way home from Wyoming with the car on the trailer.

The car ran absolutely awesome for about 4 months. But, being it was my first "quick" car. I kind of abused it. Ok, I beat it. lol But, thats why I bought the thing. ;) I loved the car so much that in the first year of owning it. I had put 30k miles on the car. After about 4-5 months the car just didnt seem to be as strong as it was before. I was slowly learning about the car, and why it was not running right.

During this time, the car was entered in a little local car show, and did suprisingly well for a stock car. It ended up taking second place to a WAY modded 400+whp srt4. I was really happy with that, even though car shows just are not my thing. "All go, no show" is really more my thing. But, it was cool regardless.
Even beat out my RT's twin sister. (Mine is on the right, with stock wheels)
(second place plaque photo)

It started loosing boost more and more on the top end. I could not figure out why. Nothing I would do would change it. Not even the addition of a grainger valve helped. It would start at 12, and by the top of the gear was 7-8. Originally I thought it was boost leak, or something the computer was doing. During this time, the mods I did were a TurboXs rfl BOV, Grainger valve set for 12psi (but would crap out to 7-8) 2.5" exhaust, A K&N air filter, Magnacore 10mm wires, Acufab AFPR, and a Dawes device.

When the car was not loosing boost, it ran great. After taking away boost control from the computer, I started thinking my exhaust manifold gasket was leaking and causing the anti-creep. And, turns out it was leaking. But that was not the real problem... The turbo was shot.

First "new" turbo!

money pit begins :eek:

At this point, I was more or less to afraid to work on the car myself. For whatever reason. lol But, a good TD buddy (blhfam) helped me do the gasket on the manifold and advice on what needed to be done. I wanted to upgrade the turbo but didnt even know how to go about it. Also, from what I had read there were no turbo upgrades that didnt involve a new downpipe and other stuff. Being a noob that scared me. So, I contacted a turbo vendor that could help. He talked me into a s70 rebuild for my stock turbo. At the time, sounded like a great idea. But, I was really unhappy with the performance of the turbo. It was lagger than stock, with not a whole lot more top end, even with a wheel cut (Thanks for that bit of crap advice TU).

Car ran better after the turbo install, the new gasket and the Polybushing.com solid motor mounts all around. But, I really wasnt all that happy with the performance of the turbo, and it still was not holding boost all that well. Not to mention, when I bought the car. The 3rd gear syncro was rough, and I knew it. But, I never paid it a whole lot of attention untill one night at the track, I killed the syncro. It was sad really because the best the car ever ran was a [email protected] after all the stuff I had put into it. But, it seemed the more mods I put into the car, the more flaws with it were discovered. After I killed the syncro, I picked up a nice rebuilt a568 trans from FWDperfomance. Also got a new 4 puck clutch and HD pressure plate. :thumb:
After taking way too long putting the trans and stuff back in, it made it a whole 2 weeks till the next problem popped up. :( One night while racing a very healthy turbo thunder bird, I the motor up and died. After starting it up, I hear the ominous noise of rod knock. :eek: I shut the motor down, and thus began my friendship with one of the local tow truck drivers. lmfao

Motor Build!

now I'm in for it!

Now, I figured it was time to get serious with the car. If the motor was bad what a better time. So, after some saving up and figuring I set out to build the motor and head. Felt like I had thought everything through... Went with a built shortblock from FWD with all the goodies (venolias, de stressed rods, etc) and a built stage one head from LoneWolf performance I pick up from Cindy as well. While I was at it, I got a set of LoneWolf Stage 1 cams to go with it. Found a Spearco 1010cfm intercooler for a great price, and decided to go with that and custom 2.5" pipe. The build just kept getting bigger and bigger.... Lots of little things I forgot to list. For a complete mod list, see the first post. :D

-motor/head build list
-Venolia forged pistons
-polished forged crank, balanced
-shot peened forged rods with re-drilled tops
-sealed power rings
-clevite main and rod bearings
-ARP hardware
-melling high volume oil pump
-Ishihara-jonhson windage tray and oil pan baffle,
-Balance shafts removed
-Lonewolf stage one head
-Lonewolf stage one cams
-3rd gen FWDperformance upgraded lifters
-LOTS and lots of other goodies

-shortblock on stand after putting in headstuds and putting on the head.
-Gen 3 Lifters and LP stage one cams.
-LP stage one head**Installed untill I lifted the head, then I took it off, and put my stock one on. The other is out being ported. Pics coming in the next "chapter" lol
-installing the new motor
-Mocking up intercooler piping
-Windage tray and oil pan baffle setup.
-Ported LoneWolf exhaust mani and Fidanza ltwt. flywheel
-Electronic cutout valve for just before the cat. :DEPA certified! :cool:

As I said the build just kept snowballing, it ended up taking almost 2 years to get everything together and put back in the car. :tsktsk-tisk: Again, partly me being lazy, partly waiting for parts. lol Its amazing how much a simple rebuild turns into something else when you have to much time spent waiting, and not working. lol

Anyway, here is a slighltly long video (12 min) of the cars life up to this point. There is some racing and then a description of the build with lots of pics. :D
-learning to fly Pt.1

Only thing I really overlooked, and I dont know what I was thinking was a decent turbo. lol I knew in the back of my mind the crap s70 was just not going to cut it anymore. For some reason I just kept thinking it would be ok. lol :bash:
Once it was all put together, it did run pretty good. The electronic exhaust cut out I had put on was probably one of the best things I did. I loved the sound, and the butt dyno noticed a large difference even though I had 2.5" exhaust and high flow Magnaflow cat and muffler. And it really made the car get noticed. As I tinkered with it, it started to wake up more and more. I just never could get happy with the s70 turbo, so one day while talking to wallace on the phone he tells me about a brand new Holset HX40pro he has that he can make me a deal on. So I bought it! lol
Then came the night I finally got to go to the track with it for the first time with the built motor/head and s70. I was very excited. :D

I dont remember now what I messed with but I screwed up the boost controller! lol And didnt even notice my first run. Should have had the Zeitronix installed.:bang head
Here is a little vid...
-learning to fly Pt.2
Dont worry, much shorter! lol

I was a little erked at the fact I never changed the boost, but felt atleast ok about the times on such a low boost.

Still continued to play with the car some. Got the boost turned up and found that I was running into overboost now at then with the grainger set to 13psi. So, I hooked up my overboost elim, and then never really adjusted it much after that. I also installed the rest of the zeitronix stuff I had not put in. Something I should have done from the get go.

-Installing the Zeitronix wideband/egt/boost/tps/rpm monitor/datalogger

A couple weeks later was my second chance at the track. I was excited I was going to get to run some "decent" boost. 13psi was what I was shooting for.
-Little more track vid, and some "computer gen. street racing video"
As you can see, the car seems to be running really strong with the exception of the boost cut. Which wouldnt be an issue if my 3bar cal stuff had run better. But, understandably needed to be sent back to fwd for some adjustments.
I finally found the time to adjust the overboost elim correctly and found that the wastegate was blowing open. So, I used a couple helper springs and it would actually hold some decent boost! 18psi spike falling to 15psi. So, installed the DevilsOwn meth injection. cranked it up the meth and went racing! (computer generated again of course) I also started keeping datalogs... Or atleast keeping them where I could find them. lol

-Car develops a drug problem. Meth install!

-Datalog of freeway pull with s70. 18psi spike falling to 15psi with overboost elim and meth injection.

-freeway fun with 60trim srt4 and 13 second wrx and others.
old s70turbo video video by bansheenut420 - Photobucket

The srt 4 in the video was a 60 trim with some bolt ons and stage 2 stuff. And the wrx around 1 min into the video had ran a 13.5 @ 104 or something. Funny story about how I found this out was at one of the lights, we slowed way down and a bunch of us were going to go from a 1st gear roll. I ended up wheel hopping horribly and destroying an axle and half shaft. I waved everyone else on knowing there was nothing any of them could do. I called my new buddy the tow truck driver and got in my car to wait for him. The group continued on up the road a few more miles and pulled over, BSed for a while and then the group broke up. I guess the wrx driver's house was back down the street I was on. He pulled over and gave me some major props on my car, asked if we need some help then hung out and talked cars for a while. lol So I was happy with the performance of the car, but excited to get the holset on. Which I knew would take a little work. I didnt feel like tearing the car down with it running was the problem.

It wouldnt be long till I got my reason to get the holset stuff done. The clutch went out.... I figured what better time. lol

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Holset FTW, Head lift FTL.:bang head​
Chapter 2

Holset HX40pro.

I had to have a downpipe made for it. (Thanks Lotashelbys Aka Jackson) The quality of work and fit even though it was mocked up on a different car was amazing! :D

All mandrel bend, no sharp bends. 38mm TurboConcepts external wastegate.

I also had the turbine housing hogged out pretty well. And the casting flash inside the scroll all cleaned up.

Snapped some pics of the turbine and compressor wheels while I had the covers off.

LSD going in

Got the turbo on so I could figure out what silicone couplers I need while the trans is getting the lsd finished up.

The compressor cover is really close to the firewall. :eek: Nothing a hammer cant fix! :thumb: Need to get that flywheel turned too!

Car was up and running well. I was very happy with the performance of the new Holset turbo. At first I had some boost controll problems, and it was spiking to 30 psi. It was during this period I found out my walbro must have been tired and it leaned out and lifted the head. I drove the car this way for quite sometime with it running excellent. It wasnt untill messing around with a buddy of mines 3kvr4 that I blew a boost line off the EBC and the boost spiked to 35psi. I decied to do a leakdown test at that time and found that I had blown the headgasket between every cyl. Here are a few videos of when it was running in that 15psi boost condition.

Here is the first start with the holset.
First start - Car Videos on StreetFire

Here is the first test run, and the run which it lifts the head the first time. It lifts it on the second run right at the end of the run. You can hear the motor get very pissed. lol Anyway, the car is a buddy of mine. Its a 5.0 with a few bolton mods. The first run I was on 11psi, and left in a good rpm. The second race, I lowered the boost to wastegate pressure (8psi) and let him have the jump. It was at the end of this run the boost creeped to 30 and lifted the head. Good times, and it was all in fun. He is actually building a 331 s/c stroker stang that should be a lot of fun as well.
Holset hx40 test run - Car Videos on StreetFire

Here is a test run after I had the turbine housing re ported again and the EBC in. The a/f is pig rich (9.9-10.3) but the car felt pretty good. It spun the drag radials in 2nd a little on the second run.
15psi practice runs. - Car Videos on StreetFire

Here is one other little fun run. Its my buddys basically stock 04' GTO. We didnt have anyone to flag us, so I tried to honk and watch my revs for the launch and well, it didnt work out so well. lol I ended up honking 4 times, he left on the 3rd, I left on the 4th (watch the headlights). :eek: My car was on 15psi, and the clutch slipped horribly in 3rd gear. Its very noticable. After I cought him, I let off to avoid glazing the flywheel. The pressure plate is garbage (F**K CLUTCHNET)...
R/T (wtih badly slipping clutch) Vs. 5.7l GTO - Car Videos on StreetFire

CONTINUED 4 posts down. :D

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Thanks Cindy! But, since 90% of the parts are from you, it has to be good. :p Thanks again.

Really nice build and history on your car, that thing really runs nice! I can't wait to have that many mods on my Z!!! Keep up the great work on the R/T!!!

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Really nice build and history on your car, that thing really runs nice! I can't wait to have that many mods on my Z!!! Keep up the great work on the R/T!!!
Thanks alot. If it werent breaking up in the top of 3rd and all of 4th that night, I think it may have cracked 11.999999 lol maybe. But, hopefully this year.

Theres more to come on the build thread once im done with it. Still a whole chapter left. lol :eek:

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After the head lift, finally some sucess....​

-Then more problems-:bang head

Chapter 3​

While dealing with the lifted head. I got a couple ideas, first was to finish my charge piping and ditch basically all of the stock stuff I had left in the charge pipes. I only had to order a 2.5" 45deg bend and 2 90deg couplers, so I dont know why I didnt do it sooner.

-new charge pipes, will be painted flat black
You can see the cai pipe right below the top charge pipe.

Since I was doing that, I also figured it was time to do the true cold air intake instead of just running a screen on the intake of the turbo. :scared: All I needed for that was a silicone 4"-3" 90deg bend it would fit right in between both of the charge pipes and let me put the filter in the nose of the car.

-huge 13" k&n with a nice 4"-3" venturi in it
It was so big, it blocked some of my radiator and actually made my car run a couple deg warmer. lol

Also while I was messing with stuff in the nose of the car, I decided to REALLY increase my meth nozzle size

-nozzles in the charge pipe
(2) 14GPH nozzles. Set to start to come on at 7psi, and ramp up to full by 25psi.

One other decision I also decided to make was to let Ondonti (brent) one of my closest friends, port the head that was on my car. And port it BIG. Probably will end up doing oversized valves as he wants to go that big. lol

-Heres a pic of it in progress.
I dont expect to use it this season. Id like to see how far I can push my stock head.

So, I swapped out my cams, rockers, FWD lifters and FWD Ti valve spring retainers to my stock head, copper sprayed the hg till it looked like it was made of copper and slapped it back on.

Time for some "ghetto tuning"​
-let the fun begin!-​

I started out slow, just on the wastegate spring, and it was pig rich. So I hooked up the electronic boost controller and turned it all the way down. It made about 10psi, felt pretty good but I could tell by the butt dyno and the zeitronix that is was still pig rich. I dropped the fuel pressure down a touch and it felt better. I figured since everything seemed to be working, it was time to turn it up to 15psi. At 15 psi, it was still PIG rich and needed some more adjusting.

-bad a/fs on 50psi base fuel pressure

After a few more fuel pressure adjustments (base pressure around 43psi) it really started to wake up.

-Much better a/f's, much better responce.

I didnt stop there. The meth was working great. Wasnt picking up any knock on the scanner, the a/f's were holding steady and the egts were safe. So I turned it up to 20psi and set that on the electronic boost controller as "low" boost.

-Semi good tune, little rich down low. Full boost by 4k

With it running so well, I decided it was time to go to the track. Put the slicks on, waited 3 hours to get in and then wait my turn. Its finally my turn and I pull up to the burn out box, roll through it giving the tires a spin in first and stop just outside it. I get the signal to do my burnout, but it in second reved it, and went for it. Right away something feels funny, like something was slipping and I saw very little smoke. I figured it was just because this was my first time ever on slicks and rolled up to the line and staged. Light goes green and I try to leave at 6k and hardly move. Instantly, I think of the test pressure plate I have in..... Managed a [email protected] on that run with NO clutch till 4th gear. lol First thing that monday, I called cindy and had her rush me a dual diaphragm plate. I got it by wednesday, and decided to swap it and try again at the track the next weekend. We worked all night to get it done thursday, and finished up just in time to run to the track on friday afternoon. I was hoping for better results. Again, waited 3 hours like they make us do. Then got in line in the back. Im really nervous at this point. Its finally my turn and I pull up to the box. Roll though, give it a spin in the water and stop just as I roll out. I put it in second and wait till Im told its ok to do my burnout. I get the signal rev it way up and let it go. This time it starts to smoke right away and the car is pulling side to side. :thumb: I pull up to the line, going for a 6k launch again. Stage, Light goes green and I hit it. The car launches off the line pretty damn well. I didnt get the 6k I wanted, and it bogged just a tiny bit. Long story short, the first real run I had down the track with slicks and the holset netted me a [email protected] :TD2:

"learning to fly part 3" R/T goes back to the track
IROC R/T goes 12.3. "learning to fly part 3" - Car Videos on StreetFire

-datalog of 12.3 run

I was really happy with the car at that point. The next run a charge pipe blew off just off the line, and it ran like a 15 something. Didnt even keep the slip. lol I had 2 weeks till the next races. So, the following weekend I took it out and tried, with no luck to find a decent race. I drove the car every day, if it wasnt to work, I took it out just to drive it. It ran well, would blow away the tires 1st and 2nd and depending on the road surface would in 3rd some with the street tires on. :cool:
It was finally time to go back to the track, id been having problems with charge pipes blowing off the past week. We spent our 3 hour wait checking all of the clamps and hoses to make sure nothing was coming off. I really wanted to work on my burnouts some, plus run a good time. My first run, I get a great burnout. The irritating rap station dj that mc's the races started saying something (you can hear it in the next video) about my burnout bring ok. lol Pulled up to the line, staged, left about 5.5k with no real bog but the track or the tires were just not quite right. Results, [email protected] I was ok with that, mph seemed low. I went and got back in line and got the laptop out to check the datalog. Come to find out I was only running 17psi for some reason. I recheck all my charge pipes and everything looks fine. My a/f's were more than safe, so I took a tiny bit of fuel out with the regulator and switched the EBC to high boost, which "should" be about 25psi and wait my turn. The second burn out was ok, but the tires were pretty sticky from the first so the car didnt want to stay put. Pull up to the line, stage, and go. Results [email protected] High boost only got me 19psi. So I knew there was a boost leak somewhere. Heres the vids of the runs.

-"The junkyards fat, slightly less homily inbred cousin" Second trip to the track.
The Junkyards fat, slightly less homily, inbred co - Car Videos on StreetFire

-datalog of 12.5 run

-datalog of a burnout on one of the runs:cool:

It would be another 2 weeks before the track was open again, so I tried to set up some races again. The only decent one I got on film was a fun run with a buddy of mine with an Evo X with minor bolt ons and a fairly aggressive tune. We decided to do one dig run (to help save his clutch) and as many roll races as we felt like.

-Teh SeXy Evo X and the R/T on mullet road (local computer generated street for racing)

Heres how it tuned out.

-mullet road rendezvous R/T Vs. Evo X from a dig and a roll
Evo X Vs Daytona RT - Car Videos on StreetFire

A week later, after he got full exhaust, a couple other goodies and made his tune more aggressive he wanted a re-run. Went out to line up, and first run the car just didnt feel right, so I checked everything and it was fine. So, we went again. This time the car would only make like 15psi, which was enough to give him half a car lead that he held though the whole race. I tell him I want another run and as I shift into second I hear a bad, bad noise....

And this happened.....

All the boost leaks I had overspun the turbo, and the turbine wheel came apart. :mad:

-my favorite random pics more to come

To be continued...... SOON! :TD2:

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Holy cow man, that pictures looks like something that should be published, this is one of my favorite Daytona pictures!
Thanks. Its actually my favorite one ive taken of my car. I was amazed it turned out so good. I cant take very good pictures. lol

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Sorry Tyler, no public updates till Im done. :cool: It was high 11sec capable if Id had more track time. Im hoping for a little lower next season, still will be a daily driver.

Hey man, which pic do you want me to use for Car of the Year? I have a sticky for pics to be entered, or I can just use the pic in the garage like in COTM.
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