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Okay second day i had this car, i changed the oil replaced some small stuff and got it running tip top. i was sitting at a red light in my custom "Dodge Rust" colored horizon and this guy pulls up next to me in this littl Hyundai tibouron, riced out might i add fart can and all. he looks over and laughs and look at him and smile, having never raced in this car before i had no clue what a good take off would be so i decided id try 3500rpm. the light turned green i released the clutch, didnt pop it of course, and we were off i was surprised wht i was breaking tires hitting second and then they slipped a little more hitting third, i beat him to the next light by a little less than a car link.

dude looked over i laughed and he took off running the red light. i laughed so hard i about pee'd myself. i dont know if i was laughing at him taking off or the fact that this horizon just did what it did. i was shocked and to this day i still race that bone stock horizon and its still fun.

but of course i plan on upgrades id love to be running 12's and 13's. but for now until i find a really good paying job it's fun as **** to drive.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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