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My first TD: 1987 Daytona "Shelby Z"

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Figured I post up here with the newest addition to my fleet. I'm new to these turbo Dodge's so bear with me, lol.

Picked it up about a week ago now, previous owner only had it a few months. Claims it ran fine when he picked it up then developed a miss on #3 cylinder so he parked it. Got a fantastic deal on the car (I think).

From what I can tell it's all stock and not very messed with. Wiring all looks good and intact, interior is super clean, the rear seats look to have never been sat in, haha. Odometer shows ~128k, which seems right judging from the overall condition. It's got the fancy driver's seat with all the power motions, only one that doesn't work is the button closest to the seat back, mounted on the thigh bolster. I don't recall what it's for. It's also got what appears to be a factory CD player that doesn't work, lol. Thing ate one of my CD's the other night when I was tinkering with it.

Problems as far as I can tell now are minimal and/or typical:
- Miss on cylinder #3
- Tachometer wont go below ~1250RPM, but will rise about when revved
- Clutch pedal is very stiff, grabs very low
- Throttle pedal is very stiff
- Got some rust on the drivers floor pan
- Needs e-brake cables (got new ones with the car)

I'm sure I'll find more as I dig into it. I picked up a full set of service manuals on eBay, should be here this week. First order of business is a compression test...

The rest of my fleet consists of turbo Chrysler's (by Mitsubishi), lol.

My pride and joy '88 Chrysler Conquest TSi:

... and her very rare colored sister, '87 TSi:

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I NEED NEW SHORTS AGAIN!!! lol. I actually like the red interior on the daytona
I like the shine

and the nice straight body

that gold mitsu ain't bad either
ive seen four 87 shelby z's in that color combo, 2 leather and 2 cloth. mine was one of the cloth ones and the other got parted out
Man that is one clean Shelby Z, very nice find and once again, nice Conquests. Especially the black one!
Good Grief ! This is the second car that I came across today that takes me back in time! I had one when they just hit the dealership showrooms back in late 1986. I was at the dealership having routine servicing being done on my 1986 Dodge Omni GLH-Turbo ( That I just bought a few months before along with a 1986 Daytona C/S from another stroll through)- When I went for a stroll through the showroom again, There it was the Shelby Z, Flash Red, The sign on the stand said "The new Shelby Z it's Red Hot!" And I wanted to drive the damn thing in the worst way, So I got the salesman and I asked him Test Drive? Well we were out the door with that car in about 15mins flat. Down the street we went,stopped at the red light at the intersection,Light went green and I hammered the gas and we were off ( He was off alright too, off on a test drive that turned him white as a ghost and me grinning from ear to ear) Man the car just flew,and so did my checkbook, I bought it.Only because of the fact that I told him if I like it I'll buy it.It was lightly loaded only air conditioning and tilt. So I wanted more like the C/S that I had parked at home,So I ordered what I really really wanted, Black on Black with leather and T-tops, Air, Tilt,Cruise, power everything and the wash/wiper in the back as well as the infinity stereo system in it too.It seemed to take forever to get my Splor (Speical Order) car, (I mean the red one was fine but I wasn't into red and no one had what I wanted) And when they called and said my ordered car was available for pick-up I took the red Daytona and had a friend drive the GLH-Turbo back to the dealership where I bought them from and sold them back to them and happly drove home with the Black Shelby Z ( I finally got the car I really really wanted.) That's where this car in the pics above brings me back in time.Minus the T's and Black interior. Take good care of it, Its in beautiful shape from what I could see in the from the pics.:cheers:
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You need to sell me the sister conquest.. I have been trying to find a good one for a while now.. :)
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