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nights to all the forum I have a beautiful lebaron town & country 2.2 turbo, it does not start, they have checked everything and it does not start, and when it starts it chokes from excess gasoline, I really need help thanks

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Welcome To TD!!!
1)If you are running that rich be sure the plugs are not fuel fouled and that the oil is not excessively fuel diluted.
a)If the plugs are fuel fouled the car will never start even after the problem is corrected, they must be cleaned or replaced.
b)If the engine oil is fuel diluted you should change it so you do not wash down the cylinder walls while cranking the engine during diagnostics, this could lead to a loss of compression and lubrication.
c)When performing diagnostics on anything other than the fuel system disconnect the fuel pump so you do not flood the engine again.
On to diagnostics...
Are there any fault codes stored in memory?
a)If Yes, what are the fault codes?
If no fault codes are stored in memory...
Follow these diagnostics
If spark is present, continue...
Checking fuel pressure.
a)Connect a fuel pressure gauge (be sure you reconnect the fuel pump), Do Not Crank The Engine.
Manually actuate the ASD Relay and read fuel pressure, fuel pressure should be 53-57 PSI.
c)Is fuel pressure within specs?
d)Remove the vacuum line from the FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator), is there any signs of raw fuel in the line?
If yes, replace the FPR.
If fuel pressure is within specs, continue...
Is Cam Timing correct?
a)If the timing belt has lost teeth and/or jumped the car will run poorly or not start at all.
If cam timing is correct, continue...
Map Sensor Calibration (Key On Engine Off (KOEO) and Key On Engine Cranking/Running (KOER).
a)The Map sensor is the dominant fuel control sensor, if it is out of calibration (but not enough to set a fault code) or engine vacuum is low or not reaching the Map sensor the car will run excessively rich.
7)Coolant Temp Sensor Calibration
a)The voltage must be extremely high or low to set a fault code but if its calibration is incorrect it can make the car run rich.
b)Backprobe the CTS connector and read the voltage, the voltage translates to an actual temp, with the engine cold you should be reading the same as ambient temp.
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8)Engine grounds
a)Be sure all controller/body grounds are securely connected to a clean surface.
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Hope this helps, any questions, concerns, problems Please post back.

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Thank you today I found endless problems yesterday, luckily I changed the oil, because I saw it very dilute, so to begin with I disconnected the gasoline pump, and I start looking for all the recommendations that you make today, I promise to keep you up to date with me Go ahead, thank you, I won't wait.
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