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My VNT cars pics (and R/T)

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Posting a pic of my cars.
I own 2 of the 3 cars in the pic. The IROC R/T and the middle car (a '90 VNT competition package Shadow) are mine. The car closest to me is my friend's competition package VNT Shadow, also.
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For some reason, the attatchment didn't come through.
Here's a re-try:
Hmm... the system won't allow you to post the same pic twice. So... here's the link to the attatchment in the test section:


sorry 'bout that guys!
Man, Those are some hot cars...Quite a cool collection Dude!
boostboy said:
Man, Those are some hot cars...Quite a cool collection Dude!
Thanx guys. Just remember though.... they are 40-footers. They look pretty darn sweet 40 feet away! At the time the pic was taken last november, all 3 were not running. The one in the middle has since seen 7,000 miles. The R/T will wait a couple years, and the car closest in the pic is FS with new shortblock,s60 turbo, 3" exhaust and many other new parts.
Sweet rides!
THat is one sweet pic.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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