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N.O.S Upper LH front seat cover for 87 csx

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I have the drivers upper seat cover for my 87 csx I bought oh about 5 or 6 years ago it is nos still in the mopar package .
Will try to post a pic after I get home tonight .
If I remember correctly I paid $325.00 plus cod and freight.
It is in perfect shape !!
The reasons I'm selling it first is this the original seat covers in my csx are very crappy and it makes no since to us it in my car, second I need a set of lifters for my 93 daytona iroc r/t.

This is really for somebody whos 87 csx is almost perfect and need's to replace theirs with a nos part.

So the price is $300.00 plus frght or trade for a new set of Mark Grant or FWDP turbo 3 lifters.
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Here are the pics.


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Just looked the part number up and it fits both drivers and passenger sides!!!!

It does smell a little musty from being in a warehouse since 10/86 then in storage by me.

If your wondering what i'm gonna do with the seats in the csx when I start back on it i'll either have them recoverd so they all match exactly or go with a newer year model interior.

PS the blue looking discoloration this pic and the third pic above is just a shadow from the overhead lamp .

One more pic


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Hey ....you with that low mileage 87 csx or almost perfect restoration what are you going to do when your seat cover splits in a year or two?
You know how fragile the original covers get after almost 20 years of use, sun and the usuall wear and tear.
This is the last one anywere!!
How about $275.00 plus shipping?
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