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Need a bad a$$ rebuild kit?

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88 Dodge lancer es with a built 2.2 turbo and it has a a-413 3spd tranny that was purchased from forwardmotioninc and its burnt up... Allso think the tq converter is messed up allso where and what do I need too do so My car wont keep ripping them out. Car has seen a public road for around a 1yr or more now... Just need a good master rebuild kit cause tranny whines and it dont have any reverse or foward gears.
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I'd go with the Alto front and rear "power-packs". I'm using both in my new tranny(it's not together all the way yet, but it will be VERY soon). The kits can be had for a lot less than what FM or Hahn wants for it.

BTW, I was told by a guy at Alto the are going to be making a new, wider front band for the A413 shortly. It is in testing stages now....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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