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I am looking for a turbo dodge that has NO drivetrain issues. It has to be a 100% reliable get in and go daily driver with no worries. It doesn't matter what it is and it does not have to be pretty just has to work flawlessly. I do not want a convertible and I'm hoping to find something that's an automatic but a manual will work.

There is 1 catch, I do not have money, I am trying to trade for my current daily driver which is a 97 Buick lesabre with a supercharged motor from an 01 gtp in it. The car is 100% rust free, it was from Arizona and I cleaned and under coated it as soon as I got it! I put the motor in when mine through a rod, the motors got about 93k on it now, I have done ALOT to this car. It has KYB struts and mounts all around, moog springs, sway bar links and bushings all around, all new motor mounts, new belts, new plugs, wires, accel coil packs, cold air intake, new upstream o2, map and MAF sensors, cut the catalytic converter out fully welded in a straight pipe and put in a dummy downstream o2 sensor to still give pcm perfect reading, all new fuel injectors, new radiator, hoses and thermostat, new fuel and trans filter, oil changes have been every 3k since ive owned it, new winter tires on stock rims, also have a set of 16" riviera rims for it, has Oem Buick mud flaps, 5% tinted windows, pioneer radio with an aux and USB jack on the front, kicker 3 way 6x9's in the back deck, has vent visors on the Windows, new hood prop shocks, even comes with a "my other car is a Mopar" sticker on the back window lol... car truly is a one of a kind, sleeper and fun to drive! It's 100% reliable, it's my daily driver now but I'm moving at the end of the month and ill be 25 minutes from work so I need something more fuel efficient I love this car but I need a 4 cylinder.

Let me know what you got, text me or pm me for any questions or more pics. Car is CLEAN inside and out! Threeonethree-221-3129.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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