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Need help with Neon...

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Ok, ok. So it's not a turbo, but I need something to drive other than the project '89 Daytona Shelby and garage queen '04 SRT.
So I recently got a sweet deal on an '03 Neon SXT, 2.0l, SOHC, Auto...with a boat load of issues!!!
2 of which I can't seam to figure out!!

#1 - Clunky front end. Replaced all the struts complete and outer tie rods. Sway bar feels solid by hand, wheels have no play up, down, left or right, and the steering is tight. There is still a very obvious clunk in the front over bumps.

#2 - Shaky idle. Only happens under warm closed cycle operation, and only while under load (i.e in gear, or a/c running). I've replaced the plugs, wires, torque mounts, purge solenoid, and the upstream o2. All were very bad and needed to be replaced... All have helped, but nothing has cured it. Also the car varies with power...sometimes it had power, other times its sluggish.
Only code that I get is off and on, says "engine running lean".

Thanks Guys!
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Your clunk is probably coming from the sway bar links/bushings.
You cannot exert the same force by hand that is exerted while driving.

If you have a rough idle, problems under load and a lean code without any misfire codes start by verifing fuel pressure is correct.
I replaced the sway bar end links. Still rattles. :-(

Fuel pressure is a very solid 54psi at the rail.
I replaced the TPS and thoroughly cleaned the IAC. Still have a shaky idle!!
However, I now get consistent power, no longer get the 'lean' engine code, and my mileage has gone from 20mpg to 28mpg!!!
Progress, no cure...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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