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Need Help

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My 87 took its first road test this past weekend. And although it ran it let me know something was seriously messed up. Here is the symptoms:

Runs rich
Idles fine in nutural but once in gear it pops and sputters until a little bit of speed is built up. Going up hills it does the same.
13* MAP sensor or vacuum line may not be working. This is the code I get. I replaced the map sensor from a Omni GLH and although I did not check the codes, the poping and sputtering continued.

Any help on this problem would be great. Turbo600 and I have our ideas but any extra ideas will be good.
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Burnt exhaust valve(s), maybe? Our Acclaim has the same problem, a tech. who works at Dodge (also knows TIII motors well) says its our exhaust valve thats burnt, and when it takes off it spits and sputters until you get some speed going.

Replace the entire MAP line and see if the code goes away, I had a restrictor in mine and I had it replaced and 13 went away. Does it run like it has a bad MAP?
are you sure the timing is 100%? i doubt its a burnt valve but you should probably run a compression check anyway.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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