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need your help NAJ you helped me solve alot of problems with my car it was runing great for about a day and know it idle ruff still runs great pulls hard but idle bad this is a 85 omni glh t1 only codes are 33 34 i got rid of the egr valve im haveing truble with my home computer so it is going to be fixed but i need this car runing good so i can get to work here is my number 774-526-7201 if you could give me a call any time it would be better for me to dicribe what it is doing

these are the parts i have changed

1 804 injectors
2 fuel pump 255
3 plugs
4 wires
5 cap
6 rotor
7 i have swoped LM but know change
8 cometic gasket
9 head studs

i do have a otc 4000 everything checks out vacume is at 19-20
timeing is perfect

thanks mark
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