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Need Radiator & high idle after recalibration

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Help! :bang head
Two Problems
(1) I took a rock to my Daytona Zs radiator & it now has a tiny leak. I can still drive it without worry but it has to be replaced as I can’t find a shop that repairs them. However, I can’t find a stock replacement anywhere. They all reference a part number ending in 883 that is for non turbo or possibly T1s, nothing with the small intercooler attachment. I’m looking at a JEGS Universal Aluminum Radiator part #555-52015 at: JEGS Performance Products 52015 JEGS Universal Aluminum Radiators Some threads say a Honda performance radiator works but they were for GLHs. I wanted to avoid major mod work to get an after market to fit. Any help is appreciated.

(2) Got my computer recalibrated by FWDPerformance stage 3 and it runs much better. However, after about 30 miles it now has a high idle (1,400 to 1,600 rpm) when coasting downhill until I come to a complete stop then it drops to standard 900. I disconnected the battery for 10 minutes, reconnected and drove it and the idle was back to normal until I got around 30 miles and the high idle returned. The really weird thing is when the engine is cold it will high idle (about 1,500) like it should but after about 5 minutes drop to 900, then when the engine is fully warmed up it again high idles while coasting at 1,400 to 1,500. I live in an area with big hills everywhere, high idle is annoying and knocks off 2mpg. I’ll call FWDP on this next week but prefer to hear your opinions as well.

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Call around and find a radiator shop that would do a re-core.
There is no aftermarket available for radiators with intercoolers, only options are repair/recore it, find a good used one or get a custom aluminum one from T.U.
TurbosUnleashed.com sells their exact fit aluminum radiator for $350. I was hoping to get off cheaper than that.
getting off cheaper isnt always the best route to take, sometimes you gotta bite the bullet to get quality parts that fit right,not everything that fails can be subbed with a honda part for 60.00.
Well, if you can find a place to do the recore that will probably run in the $250-$300 range, at least that's what I was able to find, maybe a bit more depending on how far you have to ship it. If it's just a pinhole leak it should be able to be fixed with silver solder or brazing by a competent repair shop, but those are becoming ever more scarce. A used one will run anywhere from $100-$300 depending on the seller, and then you have to hope it doesn't leak, or doesn't leak anytime soon.
you have the side by side radiator intercooler combo correct?
an option would be to replace with a standard N/A radiator and relocate the IC in front of the radiator. the N/A radiator is actually larger than the turbo/intercooled radiator and pretty cheap new-around $87.00 with a lifetime warranty from autostoned. only issue would be running intercooler piping to the new location and making a simple bracket to mount the IC with. not really very difficult, plus you would have your car setup to swap out to a larger IC later on if you chose to do so.
After hours of research I ordered a HOnda Civic all aluminum radiator for $70. It's narrower than my stocker but has a 2 inch core vs 1 inch stock so theoretically that's another 138 square inches. I understand attaching the bottom hose is a big pain. This'll also leave a hole to route piping for a bigger intercooler. I don't want to go under because I have a nice Chevy S10 spoiler there and it makes a big difference.
As for high idle Cindy at FWDPerformance said occasionally a computer goes bad and does this. The cold computer map works but warm map gets the high idle, like mine. But, tonight I plan to go through the diagnostic suggestions every bodies given and I'll start with cleaning the AIS in the Throttle Body.
Does Cindy know her stuff or what?
Will post results.
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