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I'm putting a new Clutch/PP Alum Flywheel in my 88 Daytona A-555. I hope to be making 230-250hp and need something that will hold. I also want something that's streetable with similar to stock pedal feel and something that isn't gonna chatter or make noise.

I've pretty much settled on TU's "Ultimate" Kevlar Street N' Strip Clutch.

My questions are these:

1. Will be be in line with what I want as far as noise and clutch pedal feel goes?
2. Which PP should I get? The Yellow or Blue?

TU says " By combining our dual faced Kevlar disc with our Extreme-Duty (Yellow) pressure plate you will virtually eliminate the drivability issues associated with most street performance clutches."

That indicates to me the Yellow (although stronger) would be more up my alley than the blue one. Common sense tells me the opposite.

What do you folks think? :confused:
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