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This is what you need to look at...

Electrically (things that are not attached to the engine) you will need a...
2.5L Turbo Underhood Wiring Harness
Wastegate Solenoid - 5227635
Baro Solenoid - 5234283
MAP Sensor (Turbo) - 5234327
SBEC (Turbo) - 4672162
*** Fuel Pumps are the same between TBI and Turbo in 92, Chrysler went high pressure TBI in mid 91.
I would still verify that pressure is correct once the turbo engine is installed and that the pump is capable of suppling fuel under all load conditions.

You will also need...
Molded Hose, Baro to Map - 5234329
Passenger Side Engine Mount Assembly - 4612093
Bobble Strut - 4364769
Driveaxles (Spindles/Brakes?) 4641026 (RT.), 4641023 (LT)
Downpipe/Exhaust System
Vacuum Block
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Air Box
Charge Piping
Throttle Cable - 5277825

If your N/A car was an auto trans...
Pedal Assembly
Shifter Cables...
4504338 Crossover Cable 48.50"
4504340 - Selector Cable 55.00"
Clutch Cable - 4641146 (Up to 1/2/92), 4670754 (after 1/2/92)

Be sure you connect ALL engine grounds, 3 coming from the - battery, passenger side engine mount bracket to body and main controller ground, manifold to firewall.
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I would remove the bleed (drain/refill) plug for the coolant while the engine is out of the car, if not regularly loosened/removed the steel plug welds itself to the aluminum head, removing the plug is the proper/easiest way to drain/refill the cooling system, there are other ways that I am not familiar with. (bleed plug size - 8mm or 5/16" hex socket, whichever is a tighter fit)
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Sources For Parts

Your local Auto Parts/Hardware store.

26,125 Posts
Yes it is complete, but the guy that i got the engine from said that he assembled it himself so the year is unknown. Are there major differences between, lets say 89 and 92 engine components?
Depends what you are looking for, that is why I posted the link for the Chrysler Parts Catalog.
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