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New +40s and other stuff for sale

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Brand new set of +40 injectors, in individual boxes: $120 + shipping.

(2) TII exhaust manifolds. Look brand new--still gray in color. $40/each + shipping.

Brand new SS Oil Feed Line from Turbos Unleashed--received in the mail today. No longer need. $40 shipped.

Stock TII Airbox and mounting bracket. $30 + shipping.

Large wastegate can from early TI. $30 + shipping.

I have paypal. [email protected]
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PM sent
+40s tentatively sold. Everything else still for sale.
What will one of those manifolds cost to ship to Philly area? I'm definatly interested
About $15 to ship the manifold. Let me know.

The injectors are sold--thanks.
I want one of the exhaust manifolds. how much to ship to cleveland area? (44022)
Shipping isn't as big a deal as it is packing these things. I'm going to make the price $55 shipped anywhere in the US for the exhaust manifolds.
Bump. Everything still available except injectors.
SuperSleeper said:
Bump. Everything still available except injectors.
pm sent for manifold
One manifold tentatively sold.
ss lines

ss lines still available? How much to ship to Hamilton, Ontario. 40 minutes from Toronto. thanks.
It's just the feed line, but yes, it's still available. $15 for shipping.
ixixAndrewxixi said:
pic of airbox please, [email protected]
Will get them to you tommorow. Thanks!
Everything else still available.
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