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New feature to TurboDodge.com!

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I have spent the last few days putting together something I thought was kind of cool and may be useful for all of us.

If you take a moment and click Dodge Pictures in the navbar you will see two options now.

Option 1: The Gallery
Option 2: Attachment Gallery

Option 2 is the new feature.

What does it do?

It takes the last attachments from the threads over the last 60 days and puts it into a gallery for us. You can randomize it if you wanted, view the oldest, or the newest.

If you aren't logged in, you may not see the attachment but likely will be able to click the link to the thread. Not all attachments are viewable by joe public.

Whats the point?
There was no real point when it was put together, I just thought it was cool. Everyone likes pictures and when pics are added to threads, sometimes we overlook them.

You want to tell me how rad I am?
Please, if you have any feedback on what I just added or believe there is something cool I can add to it, please let me know via PM or here.
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About the stickers... Do we get new ones when we renew our subscription?
About the stickers... Do we get new ones when we renew our subscription?
Yea, on renewal just PM me your mailing details :)
Looks good i'll get one when i get back from vacation ---- thanx for the info on the 2.4 head swap--- not sure if this is the way for me to go---am considering swapping the whole engine just tring to get all the parts in order...
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