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I have always liked the little Dodge Rampage and an old friend just happens to mention he has had one sitting in his garage for 14 years. He said it ran fine the last time he started it. Ok, no question, I bought it. It shows only 45k miles, but I don't know. all the under body panels are rust free and there's only surface rust on some of the body panels....but, will it run? Pull the dipstick, oil is clean. pulled spark plugs they look good. Bought a battery, brought some gas and poured some in the carb and it starts on the first turn. A little more gas in the carb and it runs, rough but it runs. Rear wheels were locked up somewhat, but we pumped up the dry rotted tires and drove it out of the garage. It's a 4 speed.

Next day ordered new tires and was able to drive it to the tire shop. Picked it up and the tech tells me it won't go to any gear but 3rd and 4th, so I drive it home anyway and all is ok. crawled under it the next day and find the nylon bushings missing and the shift rod literally not connected to anything. So, I found Dorman replacement bushings and jerry rigged a good permanent fix. So now why is it sounding like it's firing on less than 4 cylinders and found it's because it's only firing on 3...number 4 out of commission. troubleshooting the electric system brought no joy. A compression check showed what the culprit is...150psi and 1, 2, and 3 and zero on 4. Pull out my electronic cylinder bore scope and everything I can see is ok...no holes in the pistons and actually observed one of the valves open. So, I believe it's a stuck valve, broken spring, missing keepers or a totally burnt valve. With a solid 150 on the other 3, I'm betting on a stuck valve or lifter loose.

I pulled the two rear wheels and found the wheel cylinders solidly frozen...he parked it with the e brake applied. So, I changed the cylinders, but they wouldn't bleed. I'm guessing the funky brake proportioning valve is also stuck. I will pull that off and try to unstick it since you can't find replacements...not even used. If anyone has a good used one, I will buy it.

So, I have my new garage to get into shape and 4 upgrades in boxes waiting to be installed on my 55 show car and then I can get back to the little truck.

Anyway, here's a hello to all of you Dodge fanatics and I will get back to you when I can.
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