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Get a hold of a on-line parts manual and look up the #'s. The turbo trannys are going to be beefier. Your gonna need something 87 up in larger car for output shaft splines to be correct. So in other words NOT L-body.
They all ended up being non Turbo trannies so I went with the newest one
4659401 1904. I'll use it as a spare for the TBI car or a case if I blow up one of the other ones...

Junkyard guy says he has 10 neon transmissions I just have to figure out what parts I can use like the differential and drum thing and stuff....

In all of New England there's only a couple Turbo trannys listed and most of them probably aren't even there anymore that junkyard site has a ton of parts on there that don't exist I think I've called like 20 junkyards about heads/other parts they are all gone.

Also the car is almost ready for the Turbo swap I just wanted to get everything on it on functional I've been driving around practically every day it seems pretty solid. Might get tires this week for the alloy wheels I put on it.

Since no junkyards have a complete turbo motor my only options are quick and easy G head bolt onto 2.5 tbi shortblock or cleanup the free motor in my yard and use the g head or find a turbo 782 head somewhere.

I gave up looking for a harness I found a thread on here and I checked the diagrams it looks like I only got a change like 5 or 6 wires to use the TBI harness.

Here is a video showing the $50 short block I used some remoil and it spins pretty good I can turn it by hand with decent resistance so I don't think the rings are frozen or anything
The crank shaft goes to the free motor and the rod Journals don't look so good there's bearing junk and some slight gouges were I popped out the connecting rods. Hopefully a Polish can clean it up

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UPDATE. More parts.
Found a junkyard over 2 hours away. They had a T2 intake and they also had the Head ,manifolds and threw in the turbo too all together. Also they had a T2 Harness (Chopped at the SMEC plug)
So hit the road
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Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Automotive wheel system Auto part

Now there " should" be enough parts to do a full Turbo swap.....

Also the junkyard said they would sell the shortblock (88 Daytona) for cheap Gonna grab it this week just gotta find a space for it. also it has a (Should be?) A555 ($125) still in the car if anyone's interested let me know they want to pull em both together but I have no use for a 555 and the shifter ($60) is there too....

Also Does anyone have a SMEC plug with enough wire I can splice into The harness is just missing the plug?
Electrical wiring Wood Gas Wire Tints and shades

Parts separated
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UPDATE even more parts.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bicycle part

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive exterior

And injectors..
Wood Gas Personal protective equipment Metal Ammunition

Once the rain stops I'll start assembly on the first Motor. Now I have 3 garages worth of parts should be able to make a few motors...

Tons of possible combinations any recommendations?
95 2.5 TBI complete
94 2.2 TBI Complete
89 2.5 Turbo had busted piston in pieces now
88 2.2 T2 Block (Picking up this week)

G head (from 2.5 broken piston) has roller setup already
Swirl Head (from 88 T2 but had slider cam and says 86 on it)
TBI Swirl head from 94 TBI motor (I got some TURBO valves in the last parts pile)

4 1 Piece
1 2 piece but full of mouse fur and fuel rail busted at line ( I heard the T1 log rails work but how? I have a box of em...)

8 T2 rods (one had aluminum sprayed on from broken piston)
6 2.5 T1 Mahle pistons still on the rods

I have a set of bearings and gaskets seals to start on building the motor and a mostly complete T2 harness (Cut at the SMEC plug) Anyone got a SMEC plug?

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Ok so weather has been holding back plans along with no place to work on it. (People love when u take a car apart in their yard and leave it for months)

Current plan is in car Turbo swap. Got a set of 2.2 pistons with T2 rods to stuff in the TBI block and everything else is in the trunk ready to go on the car.
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Also got a set of used snow tires and mounted them on Shelby rims which are now on the car. A set of rear springs are next on the list...
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Transmission plan is to get a Neon trans and swap the guts into a 95 Acclaim A413 to make a Turbo lockup trans.

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Haven't had the weather or time to cobble together a Turbo swap/change pistons/drill tbi oil pan or make wire a harness. So going brute force direct swap everything.

Took complete Drivetrain Harness fuel tank everything from my rotted 86 Lebaron. Getting too old for this crap but, my rule is no projects sitting over a year.

Almost out 1 hr in only 2 bolts holding it
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Car shifting to the right
Tire Wheel Vehicle Plant Car

4 hours in now its almost out from under the car
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2 minutes later done...
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

Took more time to get the car high enough to wiggle it out than actually dropping it....

according to diagrams the bulkhead connector is identical so gonna swap everything over to the 88 doing a first I've seen SMEC to LM/PM swap. Also removing every wire harness from this car...

While motor is on the ground gonna swap manifolds to the T2 setup and hopefully get a non dog poop dirt area to swap it and maybe a engine hoist🤣

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Had a short window weather wise not to hot not too cold and finally got something done.

Mary Antoinette

Then decided swapping the trans and shortblock would be too much work so made the "bad" decision to just swap on this china head/intake/Turbo setup on the stock Tbi block.
Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Auto part

Then swapped in a 86 T1 full harness with everything and surprisingly it started up fine 0 codes. everything works headlines wipers etc

Timing set to 8° for now. Going to look into reading the knock sensor to get it running low boost for now.

Still have to run oil line to Turbo and make a drain, downpipe, tuck wiring, intercooler/airbox and other small stuff.

Already have a Turbo trans with 2.2 and 2.5 Turbo shortblocks to swap in one's it's all set on this quick setup.

Also going to graft the 88 TBI bulhead/harness with a 92 Sbec 2.5 T1 harness as a spare setup for this car or another Smec K car.


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