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Sooo, I went down to Tennessee to buy a car, which turns out to be worthless and not salvageable at all...so my day was ruined! Until I drove passed a small little car dealership, and what do I see?! A Chrysler
Convertible, thinking they'd want an arm an leg for it I decided to just go look for giggles. The guy said 1900 it's Urs, I thought, hmmmm, nope too much for my taste right now...so I kept driving and stopped for gas but couldn't get the car off my mind, so I decided to call him and ask him his bottom dollar. Went back to discuss it and he literally dropped 1000 off it. So I owned it! Sooo this lucky RUST free car gets a new home and some awesome future plans..
-t3 motor
-5 speed 568 trans
-pink paint job
-pumper wheels
-soooo much more, finally a new project since my last " Barbie car got sold" :(
I'll be posting pics of the build as I go!

Here's the car the day I trailered it off the lot

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