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I have a brand new never on the car TU 3" Swingvalve for sale.

The TU 3" swingvalve provides 78% more exhaust flow area over the factory Garrett 2.25" Swingvalve and 44% more exhaust flow area over the 2.25" swingvalves used on turbo vehicles after '89. Dyno results have proven an additional 5 horsepower and 30 ft. lbs. of midrange torque when compared to the 2.5" design. Considerably higher performance numbers will be obtained when upgrading from a 2.25" swingvalve. As an added bonus, we install a 49% larger then stock wastegate puck. This in part will assist you in controlling boost creep issues. Our 3" swingvalve is tapped for the stock O2 sensor. We have also designed in provisions for additional sensors.

$300.00 Shipped to 48 state continental US
PM me email for pics


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