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NGK and me, a love story.....only not.

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After all the ranting and raving from the people on the srt forums I decided to try a set of ngk's, after all chrysler recomends and uses them so why not. Installed them and they seemed alright for about a week or so, then I started having issues, or put better ISSUE, singular. The car as it's set up hit's 19 on the spike falling to about 15 at redline, egt's are good at a hair under 1600 at wot and the car runs great. After the first week with the ngk's the car would skip and stutter at around 17lbs, once past it would run fine again and the faster the boost rise (and the less time spent at that boost level) the qucker it would go away. I quickly turned the boost down to 16 or so while i tried to work out the problem. Plugs were gapped fine and looked good, no knock that i could hear no boost leaks that I could find. I decided to put a set of champs back in while I was installing the MM's and away my problem went. Car pulls excellent again with no skipping at all. I'd love to hear from anyone who's tried the ngk's, good or bad exp just to feel things out in a atmosphere that's not filled with a bunch of fanboi's like the srtforums.
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I have had no problem with either the Champions or the NGKs. I do a little work to my plugs, though. I cut the side electrode so that it only extends a little way over the center electrode. I then gap them to 0.040". That's worked great for me.

I tried Magnecor 8.5mm wires for a while, but the set I had were a really tight fit on the plugs, even using boot grease. I had a hard time getting them seated properly. I'm back to stock wires now.
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