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I bought my iroc r/t last september and only drove it 8 miles and the i-shaft and oil pump gears stripped out, 6 months in the shop and 1300 dollars later i get it back, this time everythings running good but 5 miles down the road and my oil pressure drops again exactly what happend before, can anyone tell me why this might be happing right again?
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Do you know if the shop replaced the bushings in the block that support the I-shaft?
What exactly did the shop all do to your engine? Do they know how important timing belt tension is for I-shaft/oil pump life? I wonder if somthing else went wrong this time around. I would unplug your injector harness and them pull out the oil pressure sending unit and have someone crank it over and see if there really is any oil pressure. If nothing its time to pull the pan and investigate....
He said that the bushing were in excellent shape and there was no play in the shaft, Could it be my oil pick up tube clogged maybe? I'm new to this engine so if anyone could give me as much info as they can I would greatly appreciate it.
That really sucks. I would tow it back to the shop and have them fix it like you paid them to.
Never got to check it out for myself, my boss didn't want it at my work so I got it towed back to the shop, he is going to look at it and find out what happened, but i dread the worst
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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