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These are nice high-quality Bosch parts.
Wire is all 16 ga. or better.

useful for installation of
- fog / driving lights,
- adding relay to headlight circuit for better light output,
- use stock fuel pump wire as signal for larger gauge feed
- auxiliary amplifiers triggered from radio
- other circuits triggered off KEY ON or ACC feeds
- etc

each kit includes :
-wiring harness with relay socket and inline fuse holder pre-installed, and nice long leads
- additional green and (14') black wire
- THIRTY AMP Bosch relay, HD toggle switch, and 15A fuse
- 4 large, 4 medium , 5 small crimp ring connectors,
- 4 wire splices, 5 small zip ties

$16 shipped in Priority Mail Flat Rate Box

the 0 332 014 150 relay alone is AT LEAST 10$
$12.75 here , some tech :
12 Volt DC 30 Amp Continuous Duty Duel Contact Bosch Relay 0 332 019 150

I have several so PM me if yur interested;
I will post to this thread when I am run out ..


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a common 'mod' on older cars is to add a separate (large gauge) power feed/relay to power the headlights,
and use the original headlight switch/circuit as the (very low current) trigger for the relay.

the main reason is:
the factory wiring harness has many feet of wire and many connectors between the battery , headlight switch, and headlights..
together these add some resistance to the circuit,
which means less voltage is available to the headlights..

you could test this on your own car with a voltmeter...

as our cars age and corrosion infects, it is not uncommon for the various connectors to 'increase resistance' over time

this mod would also reduce the likelihood of a (potentially catastrophic) fusible link failure or headlight switch failure (fire in the hole?)

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Thanks detobias, that helped me understand it a lot better. I think that's a good safety mod for the headlights on my Rampage. I am replacing the stock alternator with a 90 amp model. That much amperage running through the old headlight switch could potentially cause wires to burn under the dash.

BTW, I HATE FUSIBLE LIKNS!! I'm also in the process of bypassing them to a fusebox under the hood.

I'm down for one, please PM me with your PayPal email and I'll reply with my shipping address.
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