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NOS G-body louvers

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Date: 14th September 2011
Username: 86seeS
Full Name:wes huddleston
City, State, Zip:new castle, IN 47362
Contact: 765-465-1202
price: 250.00 + shipping

Description: brand new in the box laser/daytona rear window louvers. Perfect shape!!! Comes with all the mounting hardware.

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I belive so but not 100% sure
Those are the wiper compatible version. You can tell by how tall they are. Plus that's what the"W/W" after "84-87" on the label designates.
The last ones I had like that were almost twice the height off the hatch as the non-wiper version.
Thanks for the info man!
Bump 200.00 OBO
If you are looking for NOS rear louvers for a Daytona I know The Car Farm still has several in the original factory box. Call Johnny @ 304-327-9160. Feel free to tell him that Steven in Atlanta sent you. I was up there a few months ago and he showed me several of these still in the box, unopened.
called him and he said 750.00 for one. plus shipping I assume is extra.
called him and he said 750.00 for one. plus shipping I assume is extra.
That sounds a bit rich to me.
BUMP BUMP BUMP! I have these very louvers! I bought them down in Indianapolis a long while ago. I believe I still have them out back. I'll take pictures of them tomorrow in the sunlight. I do not have the original box, but they are still brand new and never installed! I have the hardware and brackets. These are the louvers which clear the rear wiper.

How about $100 + shipping?
Have fun shipping this! A large and super heavy duty box along with lots of packing will be needed or your customer will end up with a mashed louver.

If it is the same brand as the one pictured it is an aftermarket louver.

OEM Mopar louvers will not clear a rear wiper arm.
Tried to send a PM, didn't work. I'm possibly interested in the louvers; could you measure the dimension of them and estimate how much it'll cost to ship them from your place to my address in Lapeer, MI 48446? And stronger the box and thicker the packing, the better!
I could have someone drop by to pick them up if shipping is stupidly cost prohibitive.
If they are outside in Chicago they are probably frozen to the side of the building though.
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